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Topic: iPod

Apple investigates tamper-resistant hardware, iPod motion controls

12/10/2009, 01:12 pm

New patent applications revealed this week show Apple has worked on new methods to discourage users from opening its hardware and voiding its warranty, as well as extending additional accelerometer controls to iPod playback.


Apple stock decline called 'normal,' rebound expected by year end

12/09/2009, 12:12 pm

Though Apple's stock has underperformed in the last 10 days, one analyst expects it to rebound by the end of the month before Apple closes out what is forecast to be a "blow-out" quarter.


iPod touch use outpaces iPhone, could foster Apple loyalty - report

12/07/2009, 08:12 am

A new study of mobile device usage has found that the iPod touch is gaining in share, and suggests that the media player could eventually transition youth to the iPhone.


Retailers want in on Apple's iPod touch point-of-sale system

12/02/2009, 07:12 pm

Businesses of all sizes have reached out to Apple with interest in its iPod touch-based point-of-sale system, which recently debuted at the Mac maker's stores.


Apple accused of NAND flash memory price manipulation

11/30/2009, 12:11 pm

Apple has been accused by anonymous industry sources of utilizing "bully" tactics to manipulate NAND flash memory prices to the hardware maker's advantage.


iPod touch camera rumors resurface with claimed spring release

11/22/2009, 07:11 pm

With great evidence that the latest revision of the iPod touch was intended to include a camera, a new rumor suggests Apple will add the feature to a new model set for release in the first half of 2010.


TomTom to release iPod touch-specific GPS car kit

11/20/2009, 01:11 pm

In conjunction with its newly updated App Store software, TomTom announced it will release a car kit that will bring GPS functionality specifically to the iPod touch.


Apple investigates space-age fitness tracking technology

11/19/2009, 01:11 pm

New patent applications revealed this week show that Apple has investigated technology with advanced physiological sensors for measuring workout activity from inside the user's ear canal.


New apps said to make iPod touch more prominent in Apple stores

11/19/2009, 10:11 am

In addition to the the EasyPay iPod touch application used for checkouts, numerous Apple-created, task-specific applications are allegedly coming to Apple retail employees, AppleInsider has been told.


TomTom app updated to support iPod touch, first-gen iPhone

11/18/2009, 08:11 pm

TomTom has officially released update version 1.2 for its iPhone app, adding support for both the iPod touch and the first-gen iPhone when used in conjunction with its car kit.


Apple's 'illegal' Boston iPod touch billboard disappears

11/10/2009, 09:11 am

A giant iPod touch billboard in Boston that found itself at the center of a political controversy has been removed without explanation.


Doom game creator suggests Apple embarrassed about iPhone gaming

11/06/2009, 08:11 pm

John Carmack, creator of the classic PC game Doom, described working with Apple as a "rollercoaster ride," and suggested that company executives are not happy about the popularity of gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch.


Exclusive look at Apple's new iPod touch-based EasyPay checkout

11/03/2009, 09:11 am

(ifoAppleStore) Within two weeks, Apple stores will begin retiring their current Windows CE-based portable computers and start using a custom-designed and crafted iPod touch to check out customers. AppleInsider has a first look at the new system.


Apple stores upgrading from Windows-based EasyPay to iPod touch

10/28/2009, 04:10 pm

Multiple sources have noted that Apple will be transitioning its retail store EasyPay handheld checkout systems from Windows-based PDA devices to iPod touch hardware for the 2009 holiday season.


Apple's 'illegal' Boston billboard at center of political controversy

10/23/2009, 10:10 am

A giant iPod touch billboard in Boston deemed illegal due to its size and location is at the center of a political controversy involving the city's mayor.


Apple's iPod touch sales up 100% as iPhone units set new record

10/19/2009, 07:10 pm

Apple's Q4 2009 conference call revealed that iPod touch sales were up 100% year over year, despite essentially flat sales of all iPods over the previous two years, and that the company achieved a new record in iPhone sales as well, with 7.4 million units sold in the quarter ending in September 2009.


Apple says cheaper new products in the pipeline

10/19/2009, 05:10 pm

After announcing spectacular Q4 results, Apple's Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer explained to analysts that the company is projecting lower growth in future revenues and profit margins due to cheap new products in the company's pipeline.


Apple ranks among top in social media influence

10/17/2009, 08:10 pm

In an analysis of the world's most valuable brands, Apple ranked among the top companies in generating social media interest on services such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.


Apple criticized over iTunes LP development costs

10/09/2009, 04:10 pm

Critics are lambasting Apple over its new iTunes LP format, charging that the company has priced indies out of the game by charging a production fee of $10,000 to develop the interactive titles. Content authors are likely to view the fees as absurdly low, however.


Microsoft considers extending Zune services to Apple users

10/07/2009, 12:10 pm

Some services currently exclusive to Microsoft's Zune platform, such as subscription music downloads, could be extended to Apple products like the iPod in the future, a new report has suggested.