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Review: Apple's 2011 Thunderbolt 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Airs rating

07/27/2011, 08:20:AM

Last year at its "Back to the Mac" event, Apple launched a revamped pair of 11 and 13 inch MacBook Air models that borrowed hardware details from the iPad. This year, the company's duo of light and thin notebooks get some notable hardware enhancements but also benefit significantly from Mac OS X Lion, which incorporates a variety of iPad software features.


In-depth Review: Apple's iPad 2 running iOS 4.3 rating

03/19/2011, 02:00:PM

Apple's new iPad 2 is currently so popular that it's difficult to buy. Along with its impressive hardware however, there are a few weak spots and a couple rough edges in its current software release.


Review: Apple's early 2011 Thunderbolt MacBook Pros rating

03/09/2011, 09:00:AM

Apple's revised 13, 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pros deliver Intel's blazing fast new Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 CPUs, new AMD Radeon HD (formerly ATI) dedicated graphics performance on the high end and a new high speed Thunderbolt port, resulting in the fastest notebooks currently available while inheriting the long battery life, the strong, minimalist unibody construction, and the environmentally friendly design of previous year's models.


Review: Apple's new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch MacBook Air (Late 2010)rating

10/30/2010, 07:00:AM

At its "Back to the Mac" event, Apple launched a revamped 13-inch MacBook Air and an entirely new 11-inch MacBook Air as products combining the company's MacBook line with lessons learned in iPad development.


Review: Microsoft's Office 2011 for Macrating

10/25/2010, 03:00:PM

Microsofts latest Office 2011 for Mac productivity suite, which goes on sale tomorrow, promises to deliver better compatibility with the companys Windows version of Office and corporate server products, while also presenting a revised user interface both familiar to Mac users and similar to the companys Ribbon interface used in Windows.


Review: Apple's second-generation Apple TV (2010)rating

10/04/2010, 12:00:PM

The new, improved, $99 Apple TV is a step in the right direction for the set-top box famously referred to as Apple's "hobby," but the incremental upgrades it offers are, for now, just a tease of bigger and better things to come for the platform.


Review: Apple's Core i3, i5 & i7 iMacs (mid-2010) rating

08/05/2010, 01:20:PM

Apple's latest iMacs retain the same external design while moving to faster RAM, more capable Core i3, i5 and i7 CPU options, improved graphics performance and an enhanced SD Card slot.


Review: Apple's new Magic Trackpadrating

07/28/2010, 05:25:PM

Apple's new Magic Trackpad offers desktop Mac users a multitouch trackpad alternative to the mouse, designed to match its super slim aluminum keyboard.


Review: Apple's aluminum Mac mini and Mac mini Server (2010) rating

07/07/2010, 07:00:AM

Apple's newest entry-level Mac recently received a full hardware makeover, with a wider but flatter aluminum unibody shell, integrated power supply, built in HDMI for home theater applications, and a greener more efficient design.


Review: Apple's early 2010 MacBook Pros rating

04/28/2010, 07:00:PM

Apple's revised 13, 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pros deliver new NVIDIA GeForce 320M/330M dedicated graphics performance and CPU options that include Intel's new Arrandale Core i5 and i7, while inheriting the long battery life, the strong, minimalist unibody construction, and the environmentally friendly design of last year's models.


In-depth review: Apple's IPad and iPhone OS 3.2 rating

04/09/2010, 11:05:AM

The iPad is not a big smartphone nor a scaled down laptop. It's not really like any tablet that's come before it. And for this reason, it will delight users ready for something new, and confuse and upset people who expect it to be something old and familiar.


Review: Apple's 27" big screen iMac (late 2009) rating

11/12/2009, 10:00:AM

Apple's latest high-end iMac gets a stunning, huge, cinematic 16:9 27" screen, fast Core i5 and i7 CPU options, a standard wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse, a staggering 16GB RAM capacity, a new video input feature, and an environmentally friendly design at all a new lower price.


Review: Apple's redesigned, late 2009 13-inch MacBook rating

10/30/2009, 08:00:AM

Apple's new 13-inch MacBook delivers a lower cost option to the company's MacBook Pro line of aluminum notebooks, while providing a similar unibody construction, much improved display, glass trackpad, and environmentally friendly design.


First Look Review: Apple's wireless, multitouch Magic Mouse rating

10/30/2009, 07:35:AM

Apple has broken its decade-long chain of terrible mouse designs with the new multitouch, wireless Magic Mouse, although its multitouch features are somewhat limited in functionality.


Review: WiFi-enabled Eye-Fi Geo SD card tags Places for iPhotorating

09/26/2009, 12:00:PM

The $60 Eye-Fi Geo card packs a WiFi transmitter into a standard 2GB SD memory card, geotagging pictures as you take them and allowing wireless photo uploads from your camera.


Review: Apple's fifth-generation iPod nano (2009)rating

09/12/2009, 12:00:PM

The glossy-finished new fifth-gen iPod nano builds upon last year's tall and slim form factor by adding video recording, FM radio with iPod tagging and Live Pause, VoiceOver navigation, a built-in Nike+ step counter, and a slightly larger and improved 2.2" display, all packed into the same thin aluminum tube.


Review: Apple's new iPhone 3G S and iPhone Software 3.0 rating

06/22/2009, 08:00:AM

With another year of mobile development under its belt, Apple has released another major update to its mobile operating system and introduced the new iPhone 3G S hardware to entice new buyers and another flurry of upgrades. Here's what's new.


SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone: an in-depth review rating

05/13/2009, 08:00:AM

Sling Media's release of its SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPhone and iPod touch early this morning will give Sling enthusiasts a new way to watch their home TV signals remotely from nearly anywhere, but some significant limitations in the app are likely to dampen some users' initial enthusiasm.


In-depth review: Kindle 2, the Apple TV of books rating

03/04/2009, 09:00:AM

For its first year anniversary, Amazon gave its Kindle an all around hardware upgrade that has turned the quirky, cheap looking appliance into a streamlined and slick looking device. Will it be enough for Kindle 2 to hit a mainstream audience?


New iPod In-Ear Headphones reviewed: Apple's best yetrating

12/14/2008, 06:00:PM

After a false start two years ago, Apple has released a new set of in-ear buds that are finally worth trading up to from the company's own pack-in models and which may well compete against third-party earbuds that are significantly above its price class. We explain why.