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Review: The Tap Strap keyboard is a unique, but complicated, solution to typingrating

09/15/2019, 01:03:PM

The Tap Strap keyboard is a series of Bluetooth enabled rings that help you to type quickly with just one hand -- but how well does it really work?


Review: Zendure SuperMini battery is small but mightyrating

09/12/2019, 08:42:PM

Zendure SuperMini is a compact battery that is smaller than a credit card and can still support Fast Charge on Apple's latest iPhones.


Review: Mophie's new multi-device chargers help you cut the cordsrating

09/08/2019, 01:03:PM

Mophie is the first to bring multi-device wireless chargers to the Apple retail store, and AppleInsider goes hands on with all three of the new Qi-enabled devices.


Review: Apple Card is more of an experience than a reward generatorrating

09/01/2019, 12:54:PM

Apple Card isn't a traditional Apple product. It isn't a shiny new standalone electronic device that we can put through its paces. Instead, it's an amalgamation of tech, software, and financial services.


Review: G-Drive ArmorATD is a rugged drive with some stylerating

08/30/2019, 01:26:PM

The rugged G-Drive ArmorATD from G-Technology is a great looking external USB-C drive that can withstand the elements.


Review: Play 'Pokemon Masters' if you have time or money to burnrating

08/29/2019, 03:21:PM

Pokemon Masters, the newest addition to Pokemon's ever-growing collection of spinoffs and side-games, is finally released. AppleInsider takes a look at it to see if it's a worth picking up, or if you should take a hard pass at it.


Review: GoCube is a fast & fun way to learn to solve the Rubik's Cuberating

08/26/2019, 12:07:PM

Looking to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube? Check out the GoCube, a Bluetooth enabled cube that allows you to learn alongside an app.


Review: The Lifx Beam is a stunning modular HomeKit smart lightrating

08/25/2019, 03:50:PM

The Lifx Beam is a modular smart light system that integrates with Apple's HomeKit to create stunning colors and impressive effects throughout the home.


Review: The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal is more compact & powerful than everrating

08/22/2019, 01:24:PM

Over the past few years, the market has flooded with smartphone gimbals due to the quality of smartphone cameras, plus falling costs and miniaturization of gimbal technology. DJI has been at the forefront of all this, and is continuing that with the Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal.


Review: Twelve South Journal updated for the latest iPad Prorating

08/21/2019, 11:24:AM

The Twelve South Journal has just been updated for the latest generation iPad Pros. While the design has largely stayed the same, the updated folio is well-suited for Apple's professional and prosumer-oriented tablet.


Review: Rotor Riot Controller brings L3 and R3 buttons to iOS gamesrating

08/19/2019, 03:01:PM

Are you looking to take mobile gaming to the next level? We're taking a look at the Rotor Riot Wired Controller which is one of the first MFi certified wired gaming controllers for the iPhone that supports the L3 and R3 buttons.


Review: The BenQ PD3220U 4K HDR Thunderbolt 3 display is a good option for designersrating

08/17/2019, 12:26:PM

The BenQ PD3220U 4K HDR monitor is a dream for designers, and with the very-high end Apple Pro Display XDR looming, we spent some time testing this powerful alternative.


Review: The Doxie Go SE portable scanner will help you organize your liferating

08/14/2019, 10:58:AM

The Doxie Go SE is an ultraportable scanner that doesn't require a computer in order to use it. It's great for those last straggling bits of old paperwork, photos, and artwork that you haven't converted to digital formats yet.


Review: The BenQ EL2870U monitor is an inexpensive gateway into 4K & desktop HDRrating

08/11/2019, 06:55:PM

Thunderbolt displays are great and incredibly flexible, but are generally overkill for users just looking for 4K. Ostensibly aimed at gamers, the BenQ EL2870U 4K display is an affordable 4K display with good video connectivity options.


Review: Symfonisk AirPlay 2 Bookshelf Speaker -- Ikea Price, Sonos Soundrating

08/08/2019, 03:30:PM

Ikea teamed with Sonos, and the pairing has produced the $99 Symfonisk Bookshelf Wi-Fi speaker with AirPlay 2. How does it compare to pricier speaker alternatives.


Review: Yale Assure Lever brings HomeKit to all door locksrating

08/05/2019, 03:31:PM

The Yale Assure Lever is the first smart lock to support HomeKit on non-deadbolt doors, finally brining Apple's smart home platform to garages, sheds, basements, offices, and much more. We hooked one up in our own studio to test it out.


Review: Yamaha's AirPlay-ready MusicCast BAR 400 offers above-average wireless soundrating

08/04/2019, 03:54:PM

Yamaha's MusicCast BAR 400 is a quality AirPlay 2-compatible TV sub and soundbar combo that's worth the price -- just don't expect to make much use of the company's iOS app.


Review: Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is expensive with mediocre performancerating

08/03/2019, 03:55:PM

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a hybrid 2-in-1 laptop that can be used as a tablet or a full blown laptop. But, given the performance, is it worth the money?


Review: SCUBAPro Galileo HUD a revolutionary iPhone-connected dive computerrating

08/02/2019, 12:58:PM

The Galileo HUD is a new kind of dive computer that is projected right in front of your face while diving and then syncs back all your data to an iPhone app -- and we've taken some dives with it.


Review: Swagtron's SwagCycle Pro is a fun and easy ride, but underpoweredrating

08/01/2019, 07:11:AM

Swagtron's SwagCycle Pro is a fun, iPhone-enhanced "last mile" transportation option, if catering to a narrow niche.