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Review: Amazon's Fire TV makes iterative improvements in set-top streamingrating

04/07/2014, 09:55:AM

The set-top streaming business got a little more crowded when Amazon announced the Fire TV last week. With voice-activated search, predictive content loading and a gaming "bonus feature," the Internet retail giant is positioning its new device as a cure-all usability for problems plaguing existing products.


Review: Parrot's AR.Drone 2.0 makes iPhone aerial reconnaissance easyrating

04/06/2014, 06:02:AM

As one of the most popular iOS-friendly aerial camera platforms available, Parrot's AR.Drone has become a great example of what's possible within Apple's mobile ecosystem. AppleInsider was recently able to spend time with the second-generation version to see if it's worth the $300 price of entry.


Review: Sharp's 32" 4K display is a high-performance workhorse made for Apple's Mac Prorating

03/23/2014, 03:44:AM

Apple has made clear its intent to support ultra high-resolution displays with the latest Mac and OS X products, but without a 4K display of its own (yet) the company sells only one UHD monitor as a go-along with its flagship Mac Pro: Sharp's PN-K321.


Review: iQi Mobile wireless charging adapter for Apple's iPhonerating

03/16/2014, 05:54:PM

As iPhone owners clamor for a way to cut the final cord, AppleInsider went hands-on with Fonesalesman's new iQi wireless charging adapter to test if the promising charging technology is ready for the spotlight.


Review: DJI Phantom 2 Vision, a high-end iPhone-compatible flying camera dronerating

03/15/2014, 11:49:AM

With the iPhone-connected drone craze in full effect, AppleInsider decided to put to the test one of the most advanced, Apple-friendly prosumer aerial cameras available today: the DJI Phantom 2 Vision.


Review: Pebble Steel finally brings style to the smartwatchrating

03/02/2014, 07:32:PM

The smartwatch is quickly coming into its own as each successive device brings new levels of utility, but it would be a reach to call any of them stylish. Pebble's new Steel was made specifically with design in mind and just may be the first smartwatch we would consider wearing with a suit.


Review: Corning's Thunderbolt Optical Cablerating

02/16/2014, 08:18:AM

Already in its second generation, the Thunderbolt I/O protocol has been around for three years, but only recently did manufacturers begin production of optical cables to deliver the tentpole feature of long-distance data transfer. AppleInsider was able to test out this highly anticipated addition with Corning's 10m all-optical Thunderbolt cable solution.


Review: Promise Pegasus2 Thunderbolt 2 RAID array for Apple's latest professional Macsrating

02/04/2014, 09:05:AM

Promise Technology's Pegasus2 RAID storage solution was one of the first products to sport the latest Thunderbolt 2 , offering blazingly fast read/write speeds for data-intensive operations.


Review: Nomad ChargeKey, a keychain-sized Lightning cablerating

01/25/2014, 09:34:AM

The quest to have a Lightning cable on you at all times, ensuring the latest Apple iOS devices can be charged in a pinch, just got easier with the launch of the new Nomad ChargeKey -- an affordable, super-portable Lightning-to-USB cable that performs exactly as advertised.


Review: Underwater Audio's waterproof iPod shufflerating

01/21/2014, 01:03:AM

Underwater Audio's special -- and expensive -- iPod shuffle treatment lets users listen to their tunes while swimming without the need for bulky cases or waterproof bags.


Review: Motrr's Galileo motorized iPhone dock for panoramic photo takingrating

01/20/2014, 12:28:AM

Motrr has aimed their Galileo dock squarely at iPhone photography buffs looking to shoot consistent, high quality panoramic and spherical photos.


Review: SteelSeries Stratus portable wireless gaming controller for iPhone & iPadrating

01/19/2014, 01:26:PM

The SteelSeries Stratus is the first Apple-sanctioned, completely wireless gaming controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 7. It comes in a super-portable size that's great for travel while still managing to pack in a full complement of buttons, but its diminutive form factor sacrifices some levels of comfort, while its high $100 price tag may be hard to justify.


Review: Apple's redesigned late 2013 Mac Prorating

01/09/2014, 10:30:AM

After years of waiting, pro users finally get a completely revamped Mac designed specifically to suit their needs, complete with bespoke chassis, high-powered internals and a price tag to match.


Review: mPact Glass screen protector for iPad Airrating

12/31/2013, 07:45:PM

Startup firm "designed by m" has released a series of iOS device screen protectors called mPact Glass, an anti-scratch tempered glass shield that supposedly boasts higher light transmission than competing products.


Review: Logitech PowerShell Controller for iPhonerating

12/22/2013, 02:45:PM

Renowned accessory maker Logitech's first stab at an official Made for iPhone gaming controller features solid construction, but that's about where the positives end for this overpriced, disappointing accessory.


Review: Moga Ace Power Game Controller for Apple's iPhonerating

12/20/2013, 04:10:PM

As one of the first two Made for iPhone gaming controllers to hit the market, the Moga Ace Power holds the distinction of being the best option you can buy right now, sporting a number of commendable features and greatly enhancing gaming on Apple's iPhone. But that doesn't mean the accessory is worth its hefty $100 price tag.


Review: Libratone Loop AirPlay speakerrating

12/20/2013, 08:21:AM

Danish audio firm Libratone adds to its collection of high-end speakers with the Loop, a round and relatively slim unit that produces some of the best treble fidelity we've heard from a product its size.


Review: W/Me wearable wellness monitor and coachrating

12/18/2013, 07:35:AM

Startup Phyode has released its first-ever product, a Bluetooth-enabled health coach and monitor that takes a different approach to wearables by actively coaching users to a better lifestyle.


Review: FiftyThree's Pencil Bluetooth stylus rating

12/09/2013, 02:31:AM

Development studio FiftyThree takes a bold step into the hardware game with its Bluetooth-enabled stylus designed to be a companion tool for the company's popular drawing app Paper.


Review: Fitbit Force fitness monitorrating

12/01/2013, 07:35:PM

Fitbit's latest activity tracking device looks to improve on the company's earlier offerings by incorporating a host of sensors, onboard screen and wireless connectivity into a wearable package.