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Review: Twelve South HiRise Wireless is a great 3-in-1 chargerrating

06/25/2019, 10:05:AM

Twelve South has just taken the wraps off its latest charging accessory -- the HiRise Wireless. Mixing a combination of features, this new charger is a great multi-purpose accessory to keep around.


Review: Bose Frames take a stab at iPhone-connected audio sunglassesrating

06/24/2019, 11:16:AM

Bose's iPhone-connected Frames are a solid first step into the "audio glasses" market, and possibly worth your money -- but there are catches to consider with this early tech.


Review: GigSky, an eSIM service for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XRrating

06/23/2019, 03:33:PM

GigSky is a mobile cell service provider with a history of catering to Apple users, providing service in more than 190 countries. When they announced their eSIM for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, AppleInsider gave it a shot.


Review: Synology DS419slim is a versatile NAS in a compact sizerating

06/21/2019, 12:28:PM

Synology has released a new network attached storage device -- the DS419slim. With its compact size and big performance, it is a great all-around NAS for the beginner or pro.


Review: Wearbuds are like AirPods for your wristrating

06/20/2019, 02:04:PM

Wearbuds are like having a pair of AirPods on your wrist, tucked away in a simple fitness tracker, but does this affordable combo device actually work well?


Review: Satechi M1 wireless mouse gets the aluminum treatmentrating

06/18/2019, 02:56:PM

Satechi has given the aluminum treatment to every accessory under the sun from headphones to mousepads. An aluminum mouse was an appropriate extension of that design aesthetic -- hence the Satechi M1. This mouse is a simple, sleek mouse that is made primarily from lightweight anodized aluminum and comes in four different finishes to match your Mac.


Review: SecureData SecureDrive BT SSD can be unlocked by Face IDrating

06/17/2019, 02:46:PM

The SecureData SecureDrive BT portable SSD offers encrypted storage of data within a slimline device, secured via a companion app for iPhone that can unlock the drive using Face ID or Touch ID instead of entering a passcode, or for enterprise users there are extra options to enhance the security by location and even time of day.


Review: Adonit Note is an affordable Apple Pencil alternativerating

06/17/2019, 11:43:AM

The Adonit Note is an Apple Pencil alternative for the sixth generation iPad, iPad mini 5, third generation iPad Air, as well as the 2018 iPad Pro lineup. Should you pick this up?


Review: Lenovo's Google-equipped Smart Clock is a solid choice when bedtime means bedtimerating

06/16/2019, 09:19:AM

You'll have to go elsewhere if you want all the features of a Google Nest Hub or Echo Show, but for smartspeaker buyers who just want a cheap wake-up and bedtime option, the Lenovo Smart Clock doesn't disappoint.


Review: iPod touch is exactly what it needs to be in 2019rating

06/15/2019, 11:29:AM

Apple finally updated the iPod touch for 2019, bringing with it a modest bump in specs. While it may not be what some were looking for, the 2019 iPod touch is exactly what it needed to be.


Review: UAG Apple Watch bands offer much needed variety in a crowded marketrating

06/14/2019, 03:31:PM

Urban Armor Gear's new lineup of Apple Watch bands are a breath of fresh air, adding much-needed differentiation in a crowded market of third-party bands. We take a look at the new leather strap, NATO strap, and Active strap.


Review: If you have Philips Hue bulbs, you need Lutron Aurorarating

06/13/2019, 12:08:PM

Philips Hue bulbs are arguably the most popular smart home accessory on the market, but they've always had one glaring issue. One that is easily fixed thanks to the simple Lutron Aurora.


Review: OWC ThunderBlade provides silent & fast Thunderbolt 3 storagerating

06/12/2019, 09:26:AM

The updated ThunderBlade drive from OWC offers absolutely stunning storage speeds alongside a completely fanless design with Thunderbolt 3 while undercutting the price from the previous generation. Check out how we integrated it into our workflow.


Review: LG 23.7-inch Thunderbolt 3 4K UltraFine Display excels with Mac integrationrating

06/09/2019, 12:12:PM

LG's 24-inch 4K display is a great option for prosumers who are looking for a forward-thinking monitor that tightly integrates to their Mac with superior quality.


Review: WaterField's Tech Rolltop Backpack is a durable if pricey status symbolrating

06/07/2019, 09:19:PM

WaterField's latest backpack is a durable and versatile option for carrying your MacBook, iPad or other tech gear, but the price is only worth it if you put style on the same pedestal as function.


Review: 2019 15-inch eight-core MacBook Pro - Refinement before redesignrating

06/02/2019, 07:13:PM

Apple's new flagship eight-core 15-inch MacBook Pro may not have a flashy new exterior, but it is a high-performing machine that is finally everything Apple envisioned for this design.


Review: Microsoft's Surface Pro is the best Windows tablet to get, if you need onerating

06/02/2019, 09:57:AM

Microsoft's Surface Pro is the ideal Windows tablet, and is the one you should buy if you're looking for that kind of thing, but is a missed opportunity for Microsoft to demonstrate with Windows that it can do what Apple does for complete operating system and hardware integration.


Review: 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro -- ultimate refinement without revolutionrating

06/01/2019, 11:32:AM

Apple's latest 13-inch MacBook Pro is here and with it comes another iterative spec bump. This year it is further about refinement, improving not only the performance of the machine but the reliability of the keyboard. AppleInsider has spent the last couple weeks with the new machine to see how refined Apple's changes ultimately are.


Review: AirUnleashed is a great wireless charger, but isn't an AirPower substituterating

05/31/2019, 02:46:PM

AirUnleashed is yet another attempt to mimic Apple's ill-fated AirPower charging mat. While it excels in its own right, it still doesn't live up to the potential that Apple saw in AirPower.


Review: Powerbeats Pro are solid luxury headphones but aren't without issuesrating

05/30/2019, 12:21:PM

Apple's Powerbeats Pro deliver on almost every feature we wanted to see from AirPods -- better audio, better sound isolation, more secure fit, and longer battery. But does that make them our new go-to headphones?