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Review: Nomad wireless Base Station is all about conveniencerating

10/08/2018, 02:47:PM

The Nomad wireless Bast Station is a slim, dual wireless charger with fast USB outputs to power all your gear at once -- but Apple Watch owners seeking wireless charging need not apply.


Review: Rhino's ROV slider adds epic cinematic motion to your iPhone and DSLR footagerating

10/04/2018, 03:05:PM

Rhino's ROV mobile slider is an easy way to up your photography game by adding cinematic motion to videos, time lapses, or long exposure shots, and AppleInsider's got one.


Review: Jaybird's X4 sport headphones win on price-to-performancerating

10/02/2018, 11:01:AM

The X4 is a further refinement of Jaybird's sport earbuds, and both a solid and cheaper alternative to Apple's Powerbeats3.


Review: Apple Watch Series 4 is the full realization of what a wearable can and should dorating

09/27/2018, 11:03:AM

Apple takes unjustified heat for iterating on a product year after year. By not tossing out the whole platform and design, however, the company has created a game-changer with the Apple Watch Series 4.


iPhone XS review: There's nothing excessive about Apple's latest and greatest smartphonerating

09/25/2018, 11:59:AM

Apple's new iPhone XS is a modest step up from last year's iPhone X, but remains a major technological leap forward for anyone who hasn't yet made the jump to the edge-to-edge design with Face ID. As with the debut of the iPhone X, if you can stomach the sticker shock, the iPhone XS is a premium, polished, near-perfect handset that showcases Apple's marriage of hardware and software at its most sublime.


Review: The iPhone XS Max is what Apple has always promised the iPhone could berating

09/24/2018, 02:35:PM

After a summer of fairly accurate rumors, the iPhone XS Max has arrived with much fanfare and a proportional price. It is the ultimate expression of Steve Jobs' original vision for the iPhone without compromise -- assuming that it fits in your budget.


Review: Apple's new macOS Mojave polishes the Mac for iOS usersrating

09/24/2018, 01:01:PM

Apple's new macOS Mojave manages to be fresh and new without feeling unfamiliar. It's a significant, ambitious release we'd recommend for any Mac user with the Metal-capable hardware required to run it. However, as with all major updates, users of any professional or specialized third party apps or utilities should verify their compatibility with the new OS before upgrading.


Review: The iPhone XS gets longer life and camera lenses with the Moment Pro Photo battery caserating

09/19/2018, 04:15:PM

Moment's Pro Photo case is an Apple-certified battery case for your iPhone X or iPhone XS with enough tricks up its sleeve to please most anyone.


Review: Marshall Kilburn II is a rugged portable speaker for your inner rockerrating

09/14/2018, 12:33:PM

Marshall has updated their Kilburn mid-sized portable speaker with an improved design and better specs -- and AppleInsider has been using it for a while.


Review: Master & Dynamic MW07 truly wireless earphones are a premium version of AirPodsrating

09/13/2018, 11:12:AM

AppleInsider takes a good look hard look -- and a good listen -- to Master & Dynamic's latest entrant into the wireless earphone space and compares them directly to Apple's AirPods.


Review: Master and Dynamic's MW50+ 2-in-1 wireless headphones -- move aside Beats Studio3!rating

09/09/2018, 12:55:PM

The Master and Dynamic's 2-in-1 MW50+ wireless headphones represent a "master" class on build quality. These hefty over-the-head cans sound great and look great at the same time. AppleInsider takes them for a spin and compares them to Apple's similarly-priced Beats Studio3.


Review: Ring's iPhone-connected Spotlight Cam Solar falters without a paid subscriptionrating

09/08/2018, 05:59:AM

Ring's Spotlight Cam Solar kit is a decent option for outdoor security -- but hard to recommend to most people unless you can check very specific boxes.


Hands on: Mofuu is a portable Apple Watch charger for your keychainrating

09/06/2018, 03:19:PM

Leave your bulky Apple Watch charging puck at home and travel lighter with the minute Mofuu portable charger.


Review: Fibaro Motion HomeKit sensor is more than meets the eyerating

09/05/2018, 12:09:PM

Motion sensors certainly aren't the flashiest of HomeKit accessories, but they can add a lot of options to HomeKit installations. Fibaro makes the best out there with not just motion detection, but two other sensors packed into its slightly quirky body.


Review: JBL's Link View brings a display and high-quality audio to Google Assistantrating

09/04/2018, 02:52:PM

The Link View may not convert diehard audiophiles or people oppposed to Google, but it sounds pretty damn good and makes for an excellent smarthome control hub.


Review: Logitech Powered Qi charging stand a good stylistic match for the iPhonerating

08/30/2018, 01:45:PM

There is no shortage of wireless charging stands and docks for the latest iPhones, with seemingly every Apple accessory maker getting in on the game. Logitech is one of the latest with their Powered wireless charging stand, and we've been using it for a while now.


Review: Alto brings Italian leather to Apple Watch bandsrating

08/29/2018, 01:31:PM

Alto has a history of crafting fantastic cases, sleeves, and other accessories from fine Italian leather. Its new line of Apple Watch bands brings that same quality to a new form.


Review: Eve Room 2 gives users climate monitoring and HomeKit Siri automationrating

08/28/2018, 12:08:PM

Eve Room was one of the first HomeKit products to hit the market. Now years later, Eve Systems is back with the updated version, the aptly named Eve Room 2.


Review: Blue Yeti Nano shrinks the popular USB microphonerating

08/28/2018, 09:29:AM

Blue's latest microphone -- the Yeti Nano -- is a miniaturized version of the company's popular Yeti USB mic. AppleInsider has spent the last couple weeks testing it out ahead of the launch and we are very pleased with this stout recorder.


Review: Nomad integrates a Tile Bluetooth tracker to their new Slim Walletrating

08/27/2018, 11:05:AM

Nomad wants to help you keep track of your most vital items with its new Slim Wallet using an integrated Tile Bluetooth tracker, all within premium Horween leather.