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In-depth review: Apple's iPhone 6s & 6s Plus with 3D Touchrating

10/01/2015, 08:46:AM

Last year's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus introduced a larger, slimmer form factor housing higher resolution Retina HD screens and improvements in processors, cameras and wireless. While Apple's latest 6s and 6s Plus models look virtually identical, the company has significantly improved nearly every key feature, from a stronger glass and metal exterior outside to high-performance components inside, including a new pressure sensitive 3D Touch display.


Review: Corning's USB 3.Optical cable delivers on long distance promiserating

09/07/2015, 07:51:PM

Corning's USB 3.Optical cable replaces copper with fiber optic filament for faster sustained data transfer over much longer distances than standard USB 3.0 cables, but that speed comes with a few caveats.


Review: Grip&Shoot iPhone camera grip with Bluetooth shutter triggerrating

09/05/2015, 04:39:PM

The Grip&Shoot is a versatile Bluetooth accessory with a handle, trigger, and tripod mount, allowing for a steadier hold on your iPhone while taking pictures or shooting video. We think it could appeal to some videographers or people who want capture images remotely, but its dependence on third-party apps will be a dealbreaker for some.


Tools for digital nomads: OneAdaptr Twist Plus and Nimbus USB LED lamp reviewsrating

08/23/2015, 03:06:PM

As an increasing number of knowledge workers turn to lives of perpetual travel, companies have begun to respond to the shifting market with new products designed specifically for them. AppleInsider took a look at two of these: OneAdaptr's Twist Plus and Nimbus's USB LED lamp.


Review: iHome iSP5 SmartPlug gives dumb appliances a brainrating

08/14/2015, 09:48:PM

Longtime "Made for iPhone" accessory maker iHome is diverting course from its bread-and-butter bedside alarm clock/radios toward the burgeoning connected home sector. Its first product, an app-connected, HomeKit-compatible smart plug called...SmartPlug, was released Thursday and AppleInsider has the review.


Review: DJI Phantom 3 Professional iOS-connected drone with 4K ultra-HD camerarating

08/08/2015, 12:24:PM

The best has gotten even better with DJI's new Phantom 3 Professional, a drone that captures stunning, super-smooth 4K video from the skies. But it's the new controller with Lightning cable support, as well as a revamped iOS app, that truly bring this accessory to new heights.


Review: Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i wireless game controller for iPhone and iPadrating

07/05/2015, 06:32:AM

The Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i is the most affordable iPhone- and iPad-compatible wireless game controller on the market, and that alone will make it the ideal choice for many mobile gamers, even though its design has a few glaring issues.


Review: Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock for Apple Watchrating

07/01/2015, 10:31:AM

Apple Watch owners looking to conveniently charge and showcase their wrist-worn device have a new, affordable quality option with the Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock.


Review: LifeProof Fre Power turns iPhone into a long-lived, ruggedized giantrating

06/21/2015, 06:42:AM

LifeProof's Fre Power case promises to make an iPhone 6 virtually indestructible, both literally and in terms of battery life -- and in that it mostly succeeds, even if there are sometimes tradeoffs to cope with.


Review: Phiaton's BT 220 NC earbuds may sound good but are awkward to userating

06/06/2015, 03:42:PM

Phiaton's BT 220 NC earbuds will certainly do the job for people who need a pair of Bluetooth headphones for their iPhone or iPad, but some basic inconveniences keep it from being something to recommend.


Review: CaseStudi's Libre Bluetooth keyboard is an ultra-portable workhorse, with some trade-offsrating

05/24/2015, 07:14:AM

An increasing number of consumers and businesspeople are turning to portable Bluetooth keyboards to increase the productivity potential of their iPad. AppleInsider took a look at one of the latest contenders, CaseStudi's Libre.


Review: Apple Watch is beautiful, but rough around the edgesrating

04/29/2015, 09:13:AM

After months of anticipation, the Apple Watch is here. But as pre-release hype wanes and units trickle out to early adopters, it's now a question of whether the Apple Watch delivers on its promise of being the company's "most personal device ever."


Review: Apple's all-new 12" MacBook with Retina displayrating

04/21/2015, 08:55:AM

With the launch of its new ultra-portable 12-inch MacBook, Apple has signaled that the future of notebooks is here. The future does indeed look bright, though the initial cost and compromises made in building the new MacBook should keep most people from buying in -- for the first generation, at least.


Review: Zivix Jamstik MIDI guitar controller for iOS and OS Xrating

04/19/2015, 01:15:AM

Aspiring musicians looking to learn to play guitar with the aid of lessons on their iPad, iPhone or Mac should check out the Zivix Jamstik, a small, convenient and unique MIDI controller that uses technology to offset the learning curve associated with learning an instrument.


Review: Buying a contract free, certified used Apple iPhone from Gazellerating

04/02/2015, 10:45:AM

Apple and most third-party vendors charge a hefty sum for a new, out-of-the-box iPhone, especially an unlocked model, but there is an alternative in the form of resale services such as Gazelle, which AppleInsider recently put to the test by ordering an iPhone 6.


Review: Apple's early 2015 13" MacBook Pro with Force Touch trackpadrating

03/21/2015, 12:08:AM

While we love Apple's new Force Touch trackpad, you still need to buy an entire computer to get one. For the moment, that means picking up the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro, a tradeoff that's certainly worth it -- unless you need maximum power or extreme portability.


Review: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera offers pro features at a consumer pricerating

03/08/2015, 01:09:AM

From iPhone to mid-level DSLR cameras, the video production world has many options for the amateur and prosumer videographer. Blackmagic's Pocket Cinema Camera offers users a next step into the pro video world, along with pro video challenges.


Review: Outdoor Tech Chips helmet headphones, a Siri-compatible Bluetooth ski accessoryrating

03/07/2015, 02:56:AM

Skiers and snowboarders looking to listen to music and stay connected while on the mountain should check out the Chips Bluetooth headphones from Outdoor Tech, a well-designed and simple solution for adding wireless connectivity to your helmet.


Logitech Keys to Go Review: The ultimate portable bluetooth keyboardrating

02/28/2015, 07:33:PM

For those wanting an ultra-portable keyboard to use with your iPhone or iPad, but don't want the bulk and weight of a keyboard case should consider the Logitech Keys to Go.


Review: Fitbit Surge, an iPhone-connected health & fitness trackerrating

02/21/2015, 12:08:AM

For iPhone users seeking a wrist-worn fitness tracker with GPS, heart rate monitoring, and multiple-day battery life, the Fitbit Surge is a good "tweener" device -- not quite a smartwatch, but much more functional than a basic wearable.