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Topic: 3G iPhone

Apple may re-brand .Mac internet service

05/30/2008, 10:05 am

Apple's .Mac online subscription service, often criticized for its lack of truly compelling features and steep prices to boot, could soon get a face lift and re-branding, findings in some of the company's latest software releases seem to suggest.


Apple spotted filming commercial at Fifth Avenue store

05/29/2008, 09:05 pm

Confirming suspicions raised by Apple's own website, observers have witnessed the company filming a commercial inside its Fifth Avenue retail store, with clues surfacing as to just what products may be involved.


iPhone ramp delay; iTunes movies for UK & Canada; WTO complaint

05/29/2008, 11:05 am

One analyst has tied an Infineon profit warning to "delays" with Apple's 3G iPhone ramp. Meanwhile, the UK and Canadian versions of the iTunes Store will soon serve up feature films. And Apple is among a handful of US companies who've filed a grievance with the WTO over steep European tariffs.


Apple signs iPhone deals for Hong Kong, Macau

05/29/2008, 08:05 am

Hutchison Telecommunications Limited said Thursday that it has signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to Hong Kong and Macau later this year.


Images of Griffin's 3G iPhone case mold revealed online?

05/28/2008, 11:05 am

Photographs that appear to show a finalized mold for a 3G iPhone case from well-known iPod and iPhone accessory maker Griffin Technology have been posted online.


3G iPhone shell photos; possible Centrino 2 delay

05/27/2008, 05:05 pm

Photos have surfaced of an accessory maker's purported reference model for the 3G iPhone. Also, Intel may have stalled the launch of its Centrino 2 mobile platform, potentially affecting the release of future MacBooks.


Home automation, location-based iPhone apps chosen for funding

05/27/2008, 11:05 am

An application that will allow you to control your household appliances and another for finding out what's going on around your current location are the first two pieces of iPhone software to receive funding under the iFund.


iPhone deals for Nordic and Baltic nations; new Leopard seed hits

05/27/2008, 09:05 am

Apple has signed on with TeliaSonera to sell its next-generation iPhone in the Nordic and Baltic markets. Meanwhile, a new pre-release build of Mac OS X 10.5.3 Leopard was pushed out ahead of the holiday weekend.


Orange reportedly offering upgrade deals for next iPhone

05/27/2008, 12:05 am

French iPhone owners are said to be receiving offers from Orange that would discount the new iPhone for owners of today's model.


Sydney store banner; Apple solar LCD patent; Mississippi store

05/26/2008, 01:05 pm

Apple has filed for a patent that would charge devices through solar panels behind their LCDs. Also, the company has put up a dramatic banner advertising its upcoming Sydney, Australia store, and Mississippi's first retail store is also confirmed as in the cards.


AT&T once again hiring retail temps for June

05/23/2008, 06:05 pm

In what is becoming an identifiable pattern, AT&T is once again on the prowl for temp workers to bolster its ranks for a 'mystery' campaign during the early summer.


2.5m AT&T iPhone users; Piper on WWDC Macs; 3G stock panic

05/23/2008, 06:05 pm

AT&T now counts more than 2.5 million iPhone users among its ranks. Also, analysts at Piper Jaffray give a 60 percent chance of Macs at WWDC; the New York Times has developed a new version of its Times Reader for the Mac; and a plunge in Apple stock value on Thursday was triggered by fears of an iPhone delay.


Telecom exec says 3G iPhone to support 42Mbps HSPA

05/23/2008, 11:05 am

A senior executive for Australia's Telstra wireless carrier has allegedly told the region's ChannelNews that Apple's upcoming iPhone revision will be capable of supporting an advanced 3G connection at speeds of 42 megabits per second.


Apple seeks expert in WiMAX; impromptu 5th Ave. lineup; more

05/22/2008, 06:05 pm

Apple is on the hunt for an engineer familiar with WiMAX, Ultra-wideband, and other next-generation wireless technologies. Meanwhile, confusion reigned on Thursday as a lineup appeared at the Fifth Avenue store without warning, Oppenheimer Funds has opened its coverage of Apple, and a thief of 330 iPhones has agreed to surrender to local police.


Latest iPhone 2.0 beta adds geo-tagging to Camera photos

05/22/2008, 09:05 am

A new beta of Apple's iPhone Software v2.0 Update released privately to a select group of enterprise partners this week adds a few new preferences and the beginnings of geo-tagging support for the handset's Camera app.


AT&T says 3G network to be completed by June

05/21/2008, 01:05 pm

AT&T said Wednesday it plans to have completed deployment of its vast 3G wireless infrastructure by next month, around the same time Apple is expected to begin selling a an updated iPhone that will take advantage of the faster wireless technology.


Piper on mid-June 3G iPhone; 1 in 4 waiting for new model; more

05/20/2008, 07:05 pm

Users should expect only modest improvements in a 3G iPhone but a quick launch, according to a new Piper Jaffray research note. Nonetheless, a study says a quarter of iPhone buyers may be waiting on that upgrade. Also, Apple will open a new Florida store this week; a new iPod nano fix is ready; and the US Department of Defense is eyeing Apple's takeover of PA Semi.


Report puts 3G iPhone on store shelves by mid-June

05/20/2008, 11:05 am

Consumers holding out for the next-generation of Apple Inc.'s iPhone won't have to wait till the end of June to call one their own, according to a new report which places widespread availability closer to the middle of the month.


Apple wants over-the-air music downloads for 3G iPhone

05/19/2008, 08:05 am

Apple is in talks some of the major music labels over a deal that would allow next-generation iPhone owners to purchase music tracks directly from the handset over cellular wireless networks, according to the New York Times.


Latest iPhone deals nearly quadruple Apple's addressable market

05/16/2008, 03:05 pm

An announcement by France Telecom's Orange subsidiary on Friday to deliver the iPhone to 10 more countries later this year effectively quadruples Apple's total addressable market when combined with other carrier announcements over the past two weeks, according to investment firm Piper Jaffray.