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Topic: 3G

Verizon corrects Droid X ad error touting 720p screen

06/17/2010, 04:06 pm

A Verizon Wireless web promo for its Droid-branded Android phones originally promoted the upcoming Droid X as having a "720p screen," stoking some brief excitement that iPhone 4 and its Retina Display might be eclipsed, at least until the error was corrected.


Hacker involved in iPad security breach arrested on felony drug charges

06/17/2010, 11:06 am

The FBI this week arrested one man who claimed to be involved in the iPad 3G security breach on felony drug charges. Since then, his free podcasts available on iTunes featuring derogatory comments about Jewish people and the media have gained attention.


AT&T to sell unlimited data without iPad 3G hardware before June 7 [u]

06/04/2010, 12:06 pm

Customers who are looking to lock in an unlimited data plan for the iPad 3G, but don't have the scarcely available device before AT&T's 2GB cap goes into effect starting Monday may be in luck, as the wireless carrier is looking into the matter [Updated with more info].


AT&T caps new iPhone, iPad data plans at 2GB, announces tethering

06/02/2010, 08:06 am

AT&T's transition away from unlimited data plans begins June 7, when iPhone data (with tethering) and iPad 3G plans will be capped at 2GB per month, but with slightly lower pricing.


Crowds gather for international iPad launch as supply issues remain

05/28/2010, 08:05 am

Apple once again caused a frenzy among consumers Friday, as people across the globe lined up to buy the company's latest product, the iPad. But with demand strong, Apple continues to face supply issues.


Apple shipping iPad preorders, opens international App Store, iBookstore

05/21/2010, 11:05 am

A week before the iPad arrives in nine new countries, Apple has begun shipping some international preorders, and has also opened overseas versions of the iPad App Store and iBookstore.


iPad 3G remains completely sold out at US Apple retail stores

05/21/2010, 08:05 am

Checks with 50 Apple retail stores found that the iPad 3G remains completely sold out in the U.S. weeks after its release and 7 days ahead of the device's international launch.


AT&T says high-speed HSPA+ will reach 250M Americans in 2010

05/15/2010, 07:05 pm

AT&T this week announced that its high-speed HSPA+ data network upgrade will bring theoretical maximum 14.4Mbps download speeds to more than 250 million Americans by the end of 2010.


New international Apple iPad preorders now ship by June 7

05/12/2010, 08:05 am

Apple this week updated its online stores across the globe to reflect a new estimated shipping date of June 7 for those who did not initially preorder an iPad overseas.


Mac sales forecast to grow 20% on strong demand for new MacBook Pros

05/11/2010, 09:05 am

Apple's recent MacBook Pro refresh and the newly launched iPad 3G are both strong sellers, industry and supply chain sources have told one Wall Street analyst, who believes Apple could see another quarter with more than 20 percent year-over-year growth in Mac sales.


Apple begins accepting international iPad preorders

05/09/2010, 09:05 pm

Apple on Sunday updated its online stores and began accepting preorders for both the Wi-Fi and 3G iPad models, a day earlier than the previously announced first sale date.


Orange UK iPad 3G monthly data plans run 15 for 3GB, 25 for 10GB

05/07/2010, 02:05 pm

Wireless carrier Orange U.K. gave the first glimpse at international 3G data plans for Apple's iPad, with four different pricing options, including a pay-as-you-go price plan.


Nokia sues Apple over alleged patent infringements in iPad 3G, iPhone

05/07/2010, 10:05 am

Nokia announced Friday that it had filed yet another lawsuit against Apple, this time time alleging that both the iPhone and iPad 3G infringe on five patents owned by the Finnish phone maker.


Apple announces iPad will launch in 9 more countries on May 28 [u]

05/07/2010, 08:05 am

The iPad will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the U.K. on Friday, May 28, Apple has announced [Updated with pricing].


Apple stores completely sold out of iPad 3G, furnish waiting lists

05/06/2010, 03:05 pm

Apple's iPad 3G remains sold out in most of the company's retail stores, prompting "Notify Me" waiting lists that will give customers first priority when supplies are replenished.


AT&T customers claim most dropped calls, least satisfaction [u]

05/05/2010, 08:05 am

Despite billions of dollars invested in its network in the last year, a new survey has found that AT&T customers report the most dropped calls of any U.S. carrier, and those users are also the least satisfied with their service. (Update: AT&T has responded to the survey findings, as noted below).


Apple begins shipping iPad 3G preorders before Friday's launch

04/29/2010, 11:04 am

Customers who pre-purchased the iPad with 3G data connectivity began receiving notifications Thursday that their order has shipped in time for the device's Friday launch.


Apple tweaked iPhones to lessen strain on AT&T network - report

03/30/2010, 09:03 pm

A new report profiling the troubles AT&T has faced with millions of bandwidth hungry iPhone users revealed Tuesday that Apple has modified its handset to make it less taxing on its wireless partner's network.


AT&T 3G MicroCell nationwide rollout begins in mid-April

03/24/2010, 07:03 pm

Dead spots and connectivity issues in the home could be a thing of the past for some U.S. iPhone users next month, when AT&T begins the formal nationwide rollout of its 3G MicroCell service.


AT&T says tiered data pricing inevitable, not rushing towards 4G [u]

03/02/2010, 06:03 pm

Apple's exclusive iPhone carrier AT&T Wireless said the industry will likely eventually charge bandwidth-heavy users more for their data plans than those customers who use networks more sparingly, but added that the company in no rush to roll out its next-generation technology [updated with clarified comments from AT&T].