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Topic: 3G

AT&T expands 3G MicroCell trial to five markets

02/26/2010, 01:02 pm

AT&T announced this week that in addition to its Charlotte, N.C., test market, the 3G MiroCell hardware is now available in select counties in Georgia, South Carolina, San Diego and Las Vegas.


AT&T 3G network speed improves 84% in performance test

02/23/2010, 02:02 pm

A new test of the four major U.S. 3G networks found that AT&T has undergone a "drastic makeover" in the last eight months, with download speeds that blow away competitors Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.


Apple improves iMac ship times, 3G iPhone download limit doubles

02/18/2010, 01:02 pm

New 27-inch iMac purchases direct from Apple now have a shipping wait time of 5 to 7 days, suggesting the hardware maker has addressed issues that plagued the desktops. Also, the file size limit for iPhone App Store and iTunes downloads over 3G has increased to 20MB.


Sling Media says it didn't change iPhone SlingPlayer to appease AT&T

02/05/2010, 12:02 pm

Sling Media clarified reports that its SlingPlayer iPhone application was modified in collaboration with AT&T to be "more bandwidth sensitive" and less taxing on the carrier's 3G network.


AT&T, Sling Media partner to allow 3G access on iPhone SlingPlayer

02/04/2010, 09:02 am

AT&T announced Thursday that it would allow the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPhone to stream video over the wireless provider's nationwide 3G network.


Apple posts QuickTime video of CEO Steve Jobs' 'iPad' keynote

01/27/2010, 08:01 pm

Apple Wednesday evening made available through its Web site a QuickTime video stream of its media event during which its new tablet device, dubbed the "iPad" was introduced to the public by CEO Steve Jobs.


AT&T upgrades network as wireless traffic quadruples over past year

11/17/2009, 10:11 pm

AT&T has invested nearly $65 million into 3G network upgrades in the San Francisco Bay area in response to massive growth in total data traffic over the past year.


Verizon continues assault on AT&T with series of holiday ads

11/08/2009, 09:11 pm

Verizon has released three ads which continue to highlight the disparity between its 3G network coverage and AT&T's.


AT&T deploying HSPA 7.2 mobile service ahead of new iPhones

05/27/2009, 01:05 pm

AT&T has formally announced plans for deploying its 7.2 Mbps mobile data service upgrade this year, which will support faster iPhone models expected to be released this summer.


AT&T acquisition to beef up 3G coverage in rural US

05/11/2009, 10:05 am

AT&T on Friday confirmed plans to acquire wireless properties from rival Verizon in a bid to strengthen coverage of its 3G network in rural areas of the US stretching across some 18 states.


Snow Leopard to support native 3G Wireless WAN hardware

05/07/2009, 02:05 pm

Building on evidence that Apple is seeking to hire engineers to test new Macs with 3G Wireless WAN support, people familiar with the company's plans say Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will incorporate new support for native WWAN hardware.


Apple seeks 3G specialist for Macs as subsidy deals near

05/05/2009, 04:05 pm

Apple is seeking an experienced communications engineer to join its Mac team and focus on debugging communications technologies -- including 3G Wireless WAN -- amid rumors that the company is nearing deals with 3G providers that would help subsidize the cost of new Macs.


New iMacs in retail system; 3G iPhone redesign rumor; 3G's "D-Day"

04/25/2008, 06:04 pm

Apple's upcoming iMac has made a tentative appearance in US retail channel systems. Meanwhile, one rumor has the 3G iPhone receiving both GPS and a significant visual update, an analyst calls WWDC's opening "D-Day" for new iPhone models, and the latest SDK for the handset may allow background apps.


Analyst triggers stock surge; flash sales may tumble 66 percent

04/07/2008, 05:04 pm

An investor note by Thomas Weisel Partners has triggered a rush on Apple stock after suggesting that the iPhone and Mac would drive Apple sales for years. Also, iSuppli sees a lack of flash orders from Apple; Microsoft and Yahoo have traded shots over a takeover bid; and Apple may take the matter of an 8800 GT upgrade card into its own hands.