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Topic: Facebook

Facebook unveils redesigned, cleaner News Feed coming to iPhone, iPad & Web

03/07/2013, 01:03 pm

In the coming weeks, Facebook users on iPhone, iPad and regular Web browsers will see a revamped News Feed designed to reduce clutter while becoming more colorful and visually stimulating.


Facebook to offer free or discounted data for Messenger iOS app in international push

02/25/2013, 06:02 am

Social networking monolith Facebook on Monday announced that it has partnered with multiple cellular providers worldwide to let Messenger app users send messages at discounted or free data rates.


Facebook brings free VoIP calling to flagship app in update

02/22/2013, 06:02 pm

In an update to Facebook's flagship iOS app rolled out on Friday, the social networking monolith ported over free VoIP calling first seen in the Facebook Messenger app, though initial availability limited to the U.S. and Canada.


Apple reduced federal lobbying to $2M in 2012

02/18/2013, 01:02 pm

Apple's lobbying efforts in Washington D.C. were scaled back 13 percent in 2012 to $2 million, a sum below many of the iPhone maker's peers.


Facebook brings in-app video recording and audio messaging to flagship iOS app

01/28/2013, 05:01 pm

In an update to its universal iOS app on Monday, Facebook joined the voice messaging feature taken from Facebook Messenger with a new in-app video recording asset to give users even more ways to keep in touch with friends.


Facebook to take on Google with personalized 'Graph Search'

01/15/2013, 02:01 pm

Facebook on Tuesday announced a new feature for the social networking site that promises to make it easier to locate personalized content through searching.


Facebook updates Messenger app with voice messages, VoIP calling in testing

01/03/2013, 09:01 pm

Facebook on Thursday issued an update to its Messenger app for iOS and Android, bringing voice over IP functionality to the social network's alternative to Google Voice and Apple's iMessage.


Kodak sells $525M patent portfolio to consortiums led by Apple & Google

12/19/2012, 09:12 am

Kodak on Wednesday announced it has sold its collection of digital imaging patents for $525 million to two groups led separately by Apple and Google.


iTunes digital cards arrive as gift option on Facebook

11/26/2012, 02:11 pm

Starting Monday, customers of Facebook Gifts can purchase iTunes digital gift cards while recommending content to friends and family on the social networking site.


Facebook reaches 1 billion active monthly users

10/04/2012, 08:10 am

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that his social networking service now has more than one billion active monthly users.


Mark Zuckerberg received free iPhone 5 from Tim Cook

10/02/2012, 05:10 pm

In an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's The Today Show, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reveals that Apple CEO Tim Cook sent him a free iPhone 5, a gesture usually afforded only to important business partners and public figures.


Facebook SDK 3.1 brings native app integration to iOS 6

09/25/2012, 05:09 pm

Facebook on Tuesday announced the public release of its iOS SDK 3.1, which leverages the core integration features of iOS 6 like native login and sharing.


Facebook admits HTML5 not competitive with Cocoa Touch

09/11/2012, 08:09 pm

Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the company's mobile app strategy of targeting HTML5 as a lowest common denominator platform instead of iOS was mistake that wasted two years of its development efforts.


First Look: Facebook integration in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2

08/23/2012, 07:08 pm

Apple on Thursday provided developers with a beta release of OS X 10.8.2, offering a sneak peek into how one of the most talked-about inclusions, system-wide Facebook integration, will work when it launches in a software update later this year..


Facebook launches faster iOS application for iPhone, iPad

08/23/2012, 01:08 pm

Facebook on Thursday launched a long-awaited update to its iOS application that promises major speed improvements over its slow predecessor.


Facebook SDK 3.0 beta released, helps developers prep for Apple's iOS 6

07/11/2012, 03:07 pm

Facebook on Wednesday released a beta version of its SDK 3.0 for iOS, calling it the biggest update the company has ever done, with support for Facebook integration in iOS 6.


Facebook to launch faster iOS app in July - report

06/27/2012, 01:06 pm

Facebook is working on a new application for iOS that has been completely rebuilt to address its current, "painfully slow" performance, according to a new report.


Apple filing suggests searching social networks for automatic metadata

06/21/2012, 04:06 am

A newly-published patent application reveals Apple's interest in helping users more easily generate metadata for their files through a process that would automatically cull social network streams and the Internet for relevant metadata.


First look: iOS 6 brings Siri to iPad, adds Facebook integration

06/11/2012, 05:06 pm

This year's iOS 6 upgrade will bring the Siri personal assistant software to Apple's third-generation iPad, and will also add system-wide integration with Facebook for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.


Apple CEO Tim Cook promises more social integration

05/30/2012, 01:05 am

Even as he admitted that Apple may kill off its Ping social music discovery service, chief executive Tim Cook promised to add more social integration into its other products.