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Topic: A5X

A5X: How Apple took iPad to a luxury tier rivals couldn't match

11/08/2019, 12:11 pm

In its third year of releasing products using its Ax custom processors, Apple radically diverged from a winning "Model T" strategy of mass-producing a single chip used to power 100 million mobile devices. Instead, Apple pursued a new luxury tier iPad powered by new custom silicon.


Tweaked Apple TV features smaller custom A5 chip

03/11/2013, 08:03 am

Speculation that Apple would add a more powerful A5X chip to its tweaked Apple TV proved false, as a look inside the new hardware has discovered it's simply a smaller version of the previous A5 chip.


Samsung hopes 'strict internal firewall' will protect Apple parts deals

08/27/2012, 11:08 am

Samsung remains a major component supplier to Apple, and the South Korean company hopes to retain that business relationship through a "strict internal firewall" dividing its handset business and components operations.


Samsung to invest $4 billion in Texas iPhone, iPad chip plant

08/21/2012, 09:08 am

Samsung announced on Tuesday that it plans to spend about $4 billion to renovate its existing chip plant in Austin, Tex., where the company builds Apple's custom processors for the iPhone and iPad.


Apple CPU architect for iPhone, iPad departs for AMD

08/01/2012, 08:08 am

AMD announced on Wednesday that it has hired Jim Keller, who was previously a director in Apple's mobile platform architecture group where he worked on Apple's custom chips for devices like the iPhone and iPad.


New Apple TV, iPad 2 may be testbeds for Samsung's 32nm chip-making process

04/11/2012, 07:04 pm

The 1080p-streaming Apple TV and $399 iPad 2 use a new variant of Apple's A5 processor that may be a testbed for Samsung's 32nm High-K + Metal Gate process, which could find its way into future A-series chips powering devices like a next-generation iPhone.


Thermal test of iPad's A5X chip shows operating temperature of 97 degrees F

03/21/2012, 02:03 am

As numerous reports claim Apple's new iPad is warmer than the previous generation, a new analysis has found the A5X chip in the new device runs as much as 16 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the A5 chip in the iPad 2.


Chip analysis reveals subtle changes to new iPad innards

03/16/2012, 02:03 am

An analysis of the internals of Apple's third-generation iPad reveal some small changes to the design of the device, such as a switch to discrete DRAM devices, the addition of a heat spreader on top of the A5X chip and a possible move to a flip-chip solution.


Teardown of Apple's new iPad finds Samsung-built Retina display, A5X CPU

03/15/2012, 02:03 pm

A complete disassembly of the new iPad has offered a glimpse inside the hardware, including a Samsung-built Retina display and A5X processor.


A5X chip in Apple's new iPad doubles RAM to 1GB - report

03/08/2012, 08:03 am

Though the new A5X chip in Apple's third-generation iPad features the same dual-core CPU found in its predecessor, the system-on-a-chip is still believed to double the onboard RAM to 1 gigabyte.