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Topic: AdMob

Google confirms FTC conducting review of its business

06/25/2011, 11:06 am

Google has confirmed that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is opening an investigation into the company's business practices.


FTC reportedly readying subpoenas in antitrust investigation of Google

06/24/2011, 03:06 am

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is finalizing approval to issue subpoenas to Google in an imminent antitrust investigation of the company's bread-and-butter search and advertising business, according to a new report.


Apple pulls iAds from iOS software geared toward children

05/11/2011, 08:05 am

Citing a lack of interest from advertisers, Apple has decided it will not display advertisements from its iAd network in applications for the iPhone and iPad that are meant for children, according to one developer.


iPad eating up use of PC, TV, radio, book reading

04/12/2011, 07:04 pm

The impact of Apple's iPad is already being seen in the slowing PC consumer market, but a new survey by Google's AdMob indicates iPad use is taking the place of a wide variety of other activities.


Apple positions iAd Producer as Adobe Flash alternative

12/20/2010, 06:12 pm

Apple has released iAd Producer, a new tool for designing interactive "rich media ads" using web standards for distribution through its iAd network within iOS apps, in a direct blow to Adobe's Flash developer tools, the current standard among many web and mobile ad designers.


Apple's iAd service to go global

11/04/2010, 08:11 pm

Apple's iAd network is being deployed worldwide, expanding beyond North America and the UK, with developers reporting ad impressions coming from around the world, according to a new report.


Millennial: Apple's iPhone displays 55% of smartphone ads

08/21/2010, 07:08 pm

Millennial Media, the largest independent mobile adverting network, has released figures for July showing Apple leads mobile devices in general with its iOS platform and smartphones in particular with iPhone.


Apple shutting down Quattro banner ads to focus on iAd

08/19/2010, 04:08 pm

Apple has announced that its Quattro Wireless subsidiary will no longer accept new campaigns for conventional mobile banner ads and that all resources will be devoted to interactive iAds instead.


RIM shopping for ad network to take on Google AdMob, Apple iAd

08/18/2010, 10:08 pm

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is seeking to buy a mobile advertising network to better position itself against Google's AdMob and Apple's iAd programs.


Apple still allows Google's targeted ads within iPhone, iPad apps

07/02/2010, 12:07 am

Apple instituted new rules in its iPhone 4 SDK designed to protect user privacy, but the company may not yet be enforcing those rules as they appear to apply against competing ad networks such as Google's AdMob.


AdMob: 57% of 44 million iOS devices are from outside the US

06/30/2010, 01:06 pm

Apple was the top device manufacturer on the AdMob network in May, according to the ad agency's latest data, with 44 million unique iOS devices tracked, and 57 percent of those from outside of the U.S.


AdMob: iPhone OS market still twice as big as Android in US

05/26/2010, 07:05 pm

A new report by Google's AdMob subsidiary details that the installed base of iPhone OS devices visible on its ad network in April is twice as large as Android in the US, and 3.5 times larger globally.


FTC approves Google-AdMob deal, cites competition from Apple's iAd

05/21/2010, 12:05 pm

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission voted 5-0 on Friday to approve Google's $750 million acquisition of mobile advertising firm AdMob, citing Apple's iAd as increasing competition in the marketplace.


Apple's iAd leads government to extend Google-AdMob review

05/12/2010, 10:05 am

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has extended its review of Google's proposed purchase of AdMob by two weeks, as the federal agency will use the time to gauge the impact of Apple's iAd mobile advertising platform.


WSJ: Federal antitrust probe about Apple's iAd service, too

05/04/2010, 08:05 am

In addition to changes to the iPhone developer agreement banning the use of third-party development tools, a potential inquiry from federal regulators into Apple has been prompted by iAd mobile advertising network, according to The Wall Street Journal.


Nearly 30% of Apple's first-gen iPhones are still in use - report

04/27/2010, 10:04 am

Just 2 percent of all iPhone OS handsets still in use are Apple's first-generation iPhone, but a new calculation estimates that amounts to nearly 30 percent of the 6.1 million iPhones sold between June 2007 and July 2008.


Steve Jobs admits Apple tried to buy AdMob, warns of porn on Android

04/08/2010, 03:04 pm

During a question-and-answer session following Thursday's iPhone OS 4.0 preview, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs admitted that Apple tried to buy AdMob before Google "snatched" them, and also cited a pornography store for the Android operating system as a reason why unsigned apps are not allowed on the iPhone.


Google highlights Apple's iAd as FTC looks to block AdMob deal

04/07/2010, 09:04 am

Lawyers with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission will reportedly recommend that the government block Google's proposed acquisition of mobile advertising firm AdMob, while the search giant has highlighted Apple's forthcoming iAd platform as evidence of growing competition in the market.


February mobile device traffic up 193%, led by Apple iPhone

03/25/2010, 11:03 am

Fueled by strong growth of both the iPhone and Android platforms and heavy application use on both mobile devices, mobile traffic increased 193 percent year-over-year in February.


iPod touch users spend more time using apps than those with iPhones

02/25/2010, 10:02 am

A new survey of mobile device consumers has discovered that iPhone and iPod touch owners are mostly male, though iPhone users are older and have less time to use downloaded applications than those who have an iPod touch.