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Topic: Apple Watch tips

How to ensure you're getting full credit towards your Move & Exercise goals on Apple Watch

02/20/2018, 03:02 pm

Although the Apple Watch does a lot of its fitness tracking without any help, it isn't perfect, and there are a few things you can do to guarantee the most accurate possible results.


How to calibrate an Apple Watch for accurate pace & calorie measurements

12/13/2017, 10:12 am

The Apple Watch is pretty adept as a fitness device, but every person has different dimensions, which can lead to varying pace, distance, and calorie results for the same activity if a Watch isn't calibrated properly. Here's how to make sure you're getting the best data.


How to force-quit troublesome Apple Watch apps in watchOS 4

12/01/2017, 11:12 am

Although Apple Watch apps tend to be well-behaved, there is a way of force-quitting unruly ones if they freeze or fail to refresh data. The process is fairly simple.


How to switch apps to List View on an Apple Watch with watchOS 4

11/29/2017, 02:11 pm

By default an Apple Watch uses a "honeycomb" view to browse installed apps, identified only by their icons. watchOS 4 includes an optional, more straightforward List View -- here's how to turn it on.


Combine watchOS 3.2 'Theater Mode,' 'Wake Screen on Crown Up' to discreetly check time on Apple Watch Series 2

05/09/2017, 09:05 am

The new addition of "Theater Mode" to watchOS can be combined with the Apple Watch Series 2 feature "Wake Screen on Crown Up" to check the time on your watch in an extremely discreet, unobtrusive low-light fashion. Here's how to combine the two features.


How to tell if Apple Watch notifications are from a native app or an iPhone app

04/28/2017, 01:04 pm

Sometimes when you get a notification on your Apple Watch, you can tap on it for further options, or to open a corresponding app. Other times, that notification is from your iPhone, and there's not much you can do with it other than dismiss it. Here's how to quickly tell the difference.


How to keep 2GB of most recently added music synced to your Apple Watch with iTunes Smart Playlists

04/11/2017, 10:04 am

Syncing music to your Apple Watch can be a convoluted, laborious process. But if you want to ensure that the latest additions to your library are automatically available on your watch, iTunes Smart Playlists may be the solution you need.


How to make your Apple Watch battery last longer

02/22/2017, 03:02 pm

For some heavy Apple Watch users constantly checking their wrists, Apple's wearable device may not quite provide the 18-hour battery life the company advertises. For Apple Watch addicts, AppleInsider offers a handful of simple things you can do to squeeze some extra time out of your battery.


Apple Watch tips: How to use it as an iPhone camera remote, pay with Apple Pay, take a screenshot, more

06/05/2015, 11:06 am

Because the Apple Watch is an entirely new platform and interface, some of the more helpful functions of the device may not be readily apparent to new users, such as activating Apple Pay, taking screenshots, or using the remote camera shutter function.


Apple Watch tips: Jump to last task, delete watch faces, organize glances and more

06/04/2015, 01:06 pm

The Apple Watch's user interface is unlike any that has made before, and there are more than a few tricks to using it efficiently. AppleInsider shows you how to quickly jump to your last task, delete watch faces, organize your glances, and remove third-party apps.


Apple Watch tips: Use Force Touch to start new messages, change music source, clear all notifications, more

06/03/2015, 12:06 pm

To cope with Apple Watch's relatively small screen size, Apple introduced a hardware feature called Force Touch that invokes app and UI commands with a firm press of the screen. Being hidden by design, these contextual menu options provide deep app control without cluttering the watch face, but can easily be overlooked.


How to create an unobtrusive, low-light 'movie theatre face' for the Apple Watch

06/02/2015, 01:06 pm

Apple hasn't given Watch owners an easy way to avoid accidentally blinding their movie theatre rowmates with a high-resolution jellyfish, but a quick modification to one of the default Watch faces can help avoid any ill will.


How to hand off Mail, Messages and more from Apple Watch to Mac

05/20/2015, 05:05 pm

Apple Watch relies heavily on iOS Continuity features like Handoff to ease the load, in some cases transferring to iPhone complex tasks that require a keyboard or access to a full-fledged app. Not documented in the Apple Watch user guide, however, is the ability to transfer these same tasks to Mac.


How to add Apple's logo to your Apple Watch clock face

05/13/2015, 07:05 pm

With Apple Watch, users can select from a wide array of clock face color, style and complication customizations, but there's one option not available out of the box: Apple's own logo.


How to sync photos to your Apple Watch

05/10/2015, 01:05 pm

Despite it's small screen, the Apple Watch OLED display is bright and images look great on the high resolution screen, making it a perfect canvas for your photos.


How to add and remove Apple Watch clock faces

05/07/2015, 08:05 am

One of the most customizable Apple Watch features is its clock face, with multiple "styles" like Modular, Chronograph and Solar each having individual options for complications, or sub-displays containing glanceable information.


How to sync a music playlist to Apple Watch

05/05/2015, 08:05 am

Complementing great fitness tracking and workout features, Apple Watch users can save and play back music locally on their device, meaning they can leave their iPhone at home.


How to start and monitor a workout on Apple Watch

05/04/2015, 06:05 pm

One of the highlight features of the new Apple Watch is its fitness tracking abilities, which lets users track movement throughout the day, keep tabs on wellness goals and monitor specific workout routines.


How to manage Glances on the Apple Watch

05/01/2015, 10:05 pm

From customizable clock faces to notifications, quickly referencing important information without having to dive into an app is a key feature of the Apple Watch. Dubbed Glances, users can access these bits of information with just a single swipe.


How to manage notification alerts on your new Apple Watch

04/30/2015, 01:04 pm

Managing and customizing notifications is key to having a great experience with the Apple Watch. By default, many of your apps will mirror the notification settings on your iPhone, but dealing with all those apps on your wrist can be a chore.