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March 2020: Apple Stores close, but MacBook Air & iPad Pro launch anyway

04/04/2020, 10:04 am

Maybe 2019 was practice for Apple, as it is now used to releasing new products via a press release. That's what it had to do in March 2020 as the whole world self-isolated, and Apple Stores closed their doors.


How Apple's fee exemption program for in-app video purchases works

04/03/2020, 08:04 pm

Amazon's Prime Video app now features in-app rentals and purchases across Apple's platforms. While that's new, there's much more to the story -- including the previously obscure Apple initiative that allowed it.


Senators raise privacy concerns over Apple's COVID-19 screening app [u]

04/03/2020, 03:04 pm

Democratic senators have reached out to Tim Cook to inquire about how Apple handles personal data on its new COVID-19 screening app and website.


Everything known about Apple's AirTags

04/03/2020, 12:04 pm

There has been a lot said about Apple's forthcoming AirTags in the last six months, including what we'll be able to do with them and how we'll do it once they're in our hands.


How to work together with colleagues by remotely sharing screens

04/02/2020, 03:04 pm

New screen-sharing software Screen brings remarkably good collaboration tools that will slot into your company's workflow startlingly easily, and let you work with colleagues on their screens or yours as you need.


Apple wants an iPhone that doesn't just survive underwater, but is usable there

04/02/2020, 12:04 pm

Future iPads and iPhones could adapt to actually being used underwater, and a new way to sense orientation using the Face ID camera could see display rotation guided by the angle of your face in relation to the device.


How to automatically request a desktop version of a website on iOS

04/02/2020, 09:04 am

Websites typically adapt to the iPhone screen, but that doesn't mean they all do it well. When you know you're going to always need to see the full desktop version instead, you can make your iOS device automatically display it.


Future iPhone could talk vision impaired through taking a good photo

04/02/2020, 09:04 am

Apple's iOS may get enhanced accessibility features that allow a device to audibly describe a scene captured by the camera, or present tactile feedback to enable people with low or no vision to take good photos.


Apple researching trackpad & gesture combo for controlling AR

04/02/2020, 06:04 am

Rather than attempting to manipulate AR objects through gloves or a game controller, a peripheral like a trackpad could allow users to select and manipulate what they see in front of them.


Apple's loosening of App Store fees lets Amazon enable purchases, rentals in Prime Video app for iOS [u]

04/01/2020, 04:04 pm

After years of going without, Amazon's Prime Video app this week finally added support for in-app purchases and rentals of video content on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The new capability arrives as Apple announced a program that exempts certain video subscription services from a statutory 30% cut of in-app purchases.


How to make YouTube videos on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad

04/01/2020, 03:04 pm

You've thought about making a YouTube channel before, and now suddenly you have the time to do it, too. All you need is the equipment -- and since you're an Apple user, you've already got it.


Apple doubles COVID-19 recovery donation in China to more than $7M

04/01/2020, 07:04 am

Apple has doubled its donation to China's COVID-19 recovery efforts, spending $7 million to aid on-the-ground support for hospitals, public health recovery, and long-term efforts to continue the fight.


Don't upgrade Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for iOS if you rely on WebDAV

04/01/2020, 07:04 am

The latest iOS versions of Apple's iWork suite of apps will no longer upload to WebDAV servers, and instead must be saved locally, to iCloud, or another compatible service.


Apple was founded 44 years ago, on April 1, 1976

04/01/2020, 06:04 am

The Apple of 1976 should be unrecognizable compared to today's gigantic corporation, and yet key decisions right at the start are still having their effect today.


Apple acquires popular weather app Dark Sky

03/31/2020, 01:03 pm

Dark Sky, a popular weather app for iOS, Android, and the web, has been purchased by Apple.


Apple now rumored to announce 'iPhone SE 2' on April 15

03/31/2020, 12:03 pm

Further rumors say that Apple is provisionally planning to announce the "iPhone SE 2," or what may be called the "iPhone 9", in mid-April, with shipping from April 22.


Zoom macOS install 'shady,' plus video chats aren't end-to-end encrypted

03/31/2020, 09:03 am

Video conferencing service Zoom reportedly installs itself on Macs by working around Apple's regular security, and also promotes that it has end-to-end encryption, but demonstrably does not.


Japan Display raises $200 million from customer believed to be Apple

03/31/2020, 07:03 am

Beleaguered screen manufacturer Japan Display has raised more funding by selling LCD equipment to a customer sources say is long-term customer and benefactor Apple.


What you get for $500 -- iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini versus Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

03/30/2020, 03:03 pm

You can still buy Apple gear when you're on a budget, but you need to make more careful choices -- and also know exactly where to look.


Facebook beats out Apple with exclusive AR glasses display buy

03/30/2020, 11:03 am

Facebook has forged a big deal with an AR display manufacturer to build a future augmented reality glasses platform with Plessey, a company that was once a rumored target of an Apple buyout.