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Topic: Danger

Microsoft unveils Project Pink as Kin social media phones for kids

04/12/2010, 03:04 pm

Project Pink, an internal effort built upon Microsoft's Danger acquisition, was officially revealed today at a "social event" which presented two new phones branded Kin and targeted at young phone users.


Microsoft's Sidekick/Pink problems blamed on dogfooding and sabotage

10/12/2009, 06:10 pm

Additional insiders have stepped forward to shed more light into Microsoft's troubled acquisition of Danger, its beleaguered Pink Project, and what has become one of the most high profile Information Technology disasters in recent memory.


Microsoft's Danger Sidekick data loss casts dark on cloud computing

10/11/2009, 04:10 pm

Microsoft has demonstrated that the dark side of cloud computing has no silver linings. After a major server outage occurred on its watch last weekend, users dependent on the company have just been informed that their personal data and photos "has almost certainly been lost."


Exclusive: Pink Danger leaks from Microsoft's Windows Phone

10/09/2009, 12:10 am

Earlier this week, an anonymous tipster leaked the news that Microsoft's top secret Pink project, aimed to take on the iPhone just as the Zune targeted the iPod, was "near death and probably will be canceled." Another source has now spilled even more details about the internal crisis brewing within the company and how the failure of Pink relates to iPhone, Google's Android, and Windows Mobile.