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Munster, Siegler, Agreda talk iWatch, iTVs, and Apple's 'groove'

03/17/2013, 09:03 pm

The recent media trend of negative news on Apple is just a phase that will pass according to analyst Gene Munster and pundit MG Siegler, both of whom agree that the coming months will see Apple getting its groove back with a refresh in its product lines, as well as perhaps some new products.


Samsung design chief talks plastic and software, says future is in devices with 'souls'

03/16/2013, 10:03 pm

AI at Expand: From a hardware perspective, the Galaxy S4 is largely in the same spirit as its predecessor, but Samsung's American design chief says the future of mobile isn't in form factors; it's in making devices with "souls."


Ouya CEO on mobile gaming: 'You're not having an emotional experience'

03/16/2013, 07:03 pm

AI at Expand: Apple's iOS devices and other mobile platforms may be leading a revolution in the games industry, but the CEO of one upstart gaming company says the shift to mobile has resulted in a wave of games that lack the emotional depth one can experience on traditional consoles.


Nest founder: 'We don't expect people to buy a new one of these every year'

03/16/2013, 05:03 pm

AI at Expand: While Nest founder Matt Rogers says his company will continue to come out with new hardware iterations of its iOS-compatible learning thermostat, the device is built for durability, and Nest doesn't expect customers to go out and buy a new model every year.