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Topic: IBM

Docs show Apple failed to find ideal successor for iPod chief

11/12/2008, 08:11 pm

A series of statements made in court filings by tentative iPod & iPhone chief Mark Papermaster and those who recruited him at Apple show that the company at first considered him a secondary pick. They also reveal that IBM's own management has partly contradicted its stance on whether the executive could leave.


Apple shreds bio of recent IBM hire amid proceedings

11/11/2008, 07:11 am

Apple has taken down its bio for Mark Papermaster, the senior vice president of "Devices Hardware Engineering" that the company hired from IBM, signaling new uncertainty surrounding the position.


Update: judge orders Apple's new mobile head to stop work

11/08/2008, 03:11 pm

Apple's plans for its new recruit from IBM, Mark Papermaster, have been dealt an at least temporary setback as a federal judge has ordered him to halt any work at his new employer.


Court response defends new Apple mobile hire's jump from IBM

11/07/2008, 06:11 pm

Apple's contentious decision to hire a former IBM executive has been explained by the iPhone and iPod maker -- and the new recruit himself -- as a carefully thought-out decision that doesn't run afoul of earlier agreements.


Apple recruits top chip designer, IBM responds with suit

10/30/2008, 09:10 pm

Apple recently recruited a top chip designer from IBM, resulting in a lawsuit that seeks to prevent the executive from taking his knowledge as "IBM's top expert in Power architecture and technology" to the Mac maker.


IBM expands Lotus Notes Mac support to iPhone (screenshots)

08/07/2008, 06:08 pm

IBM has unveiled a sneak peek of its new Lotus iNotes, a web app client for its Lotus Domino messaging server to bring email, calendar, and contacts to iPhone. The move fulfills rumors of customized iPhone support for Lotus Notes and demonstrates IBM's evolving interest in Apple within the enterprise.


IBM launches internal pilot program to test migration to Macs

04/16/2008, 11:04 am

Long-time Microsoft Windows supporter IBM has recently initiated an internal pilot program to study the possibility of moving a significant number of its employees to Apple's Mac platform, leaked company documents show.


IBM's 'racetrack' technology could increase iPhone storage tenfold

04/11/2008, 02:04 pm

A new form of digital storage technology under development at IBM could deliver more than tenfold increases in both the storage capacity and battery life of handheld gadgets like Apple's iPod and iPhone, according to the company's claims.


Apple's iPhone takes on the Enterprise

03/06/2008, 05:03 pm

Apple's SDK roadmap announcements were expected to primarily introduce the company's plans for releasing development tools for casual developers, but chief executive Steve Jobs started the event by introducing broad initiatives to greatly improve the iPhone's features to satiate the demands of Enterprise users.


iPhone to gain better Exchange, Lotus Notes support at SDK event

02/28/2008, 12:02 pm

Following months of beta testing, Apple Inc. next week will address one of the key weakness of its iPhone handset by introducing improved support for enterprise level e-mail platforms from Microsoft and IBM, according to one Wall Street analyst.


IBM's Lotus software coming to Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, Macs

01/17/2008, 12:01 pm

Microsoft rivals Apple Inc. and IBM Corp. will soon announce a partnership that will deliver a handful of IBM's Lotus software packages for Apple's handheld and Mac products, the Associated Press is reporting.