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Topic: International iPhone 3G Plans

iPhone 3G plans to start at $60 in New Zealand, $44 in Mexico

07/08/2008, 12:07 am

Due to their geographical location, New Zealanders will be the first in the world to have the opportunity to purchase an iPhone 3G on Friday (Thursday morning Eastern time), and Vodafone has just announced plans for the region starting at $60 per month. Meanwhile, Telcel of Mexico has also unveiled its iPhone plans, which start at $44 per month.


iPhone 3G plans to start at $47 in both Portugal and Italy

07/07/2008, 12:07 pm

Vodafone has announced that its monthly rate plans for iPhone 3G will start at $47 (29.90 euro) in Portugal and $93 (59 euro) in Italy. Separately, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) has also announced its own monthly rate plans for Italians that start at just $47.


'Huge demand' forces O2 to pull plug on iPhone 3G pre-orders

07/07/2008, 10:07 am

O2 began taking pre-orders for Apple's new iPhone 3G through its website early Monday but was forced halt the service just hours later as UK consumers flooded the carrier's servers and quickly consumed initial supplies.


iPhone 3G plans to start at $18 in Australia

07/03/2008, 08:07 am

Optus of Australia announced Friday that Australians can sign up for Apple's iPhone 3G on July 11th with plans starting at just $19 ($18 USD), while a second carrier, Telstra, said its own plans will start at $30 ($29 USD).


iPhone 3G plans start at $48 in the Netherlands, $128 in Denmark

07/02/2008, 04:07 pm

T-Mobile has announced three distinct iPhone 3G plans for the Netherlands starting at $48 USD, meanwhile Telia of Denmark has introduce a single plan for $128 USD that will see a 33 percent reduction after the first six months.


iPhone 3G plans start at $25 in Switzerland, $50 in Finland

07/01/2008, 09:07 am

Swisscom announced Tuesday four distinct service plans for Apple's iPhone 3G starting at $25 USD, though none of them include air time minutes. Separately, Sonera of Finland said its own iPhone plans will start at $50 USD and include minutes.


Three says Hong Kong iPhone plans to start at $24 per month

06/30/2008, 01:06 pm

Hutchison Telecom, which operates the "3"- branded mobile network in Hong Kong, announced Monday that monthly service plans for Apple's iPhone 3G will start at just $24, significantly less than the cheapest plan offered stateside by AT&T.


iPhone 3G plans start at $50 in Sweden, $80 in Norway

06/27/2008, 12:06 pm

Sweden's TeliaSonera said Friday that monthly service plans for Apple's iPhone 3G will start at $50 (299 SEK), while Netcom Norway announced that its own customers will have to pay a minimum of $80 (NOK 399) each month.


Rogers says Canadian iPhone 3G plans to start at $60 for 150 mins

06/27/2008, 10:06 am

Rogers Wireless, Canada's exclusive service provider for Apple's upcoming iPhone 3G handset, announced Friday that monthly service plans for the new touch-screen handset will start at $60 for 150 anytime minutes, 75 outgoing text messages, and 400 megabytes of internet data.


Softbank says iPhone 3G to start at $215 in Japan, plans at $68

06/23/2008, 12:06 pm

Softbank Corp., Apple's exclusive iPhone carrier in Japan, announced Monday that the local version of iPhone 3G will start at 23,040 yen ($215) for the 8GB model, around the same price as the version that will be sold in the US.