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Topic: iOS 7

Inside iOS 7: Apple's new App Store simplifies app updating & discovery

06/14/2013, 01:06 pm

The daily routine of manually installing application updates will become a thing of the past, while discovering new software will get easier, thanks to the enhanced capabilities of Apple's App Store in iOS 7.


Apple working with Logitech and Moga for MFi game controllers, details framework at WWDC

06/13/2013, 05:06 pm

In the clearest sign yet that Apple is serious about supporting dedicated third-party game controllers in iOS, the company held a 45-minute long session at WWDC on Tuesday, showing off app frameworks, hardware mock-ups and a set of preliminary best practices guidelines.


Bluetooth devices to gain notification support in iOS 7 & Mavericks with Apple's new APIs

06/13/2013, 03:06 pm

Apple's next versions of iOS and OS X will offer advanced integration with Bluetooth accessories, including access to Notification Center, as well as preservation and restoration services.


Inside iOS 7: Siri gets smarter with new system controls

06/13/2013, 12:06 pm

Siri, Apple's voice-driven personal assistant, will become even more helpful with iOS 7 by granting users the ability to control settings such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and even screen brightness.


iOS 7 beta: iTunes gift cards can be scanned by iPhone camera

06/13/2013, 10:06 am

Redeeming an iTunes gift card in iOS 7 is as simple as pointing an iPhone at the back of it, thanks to a new feature that allows cards to be scanned by camera.


iOS 7 design changes remain in flux, likely to see major revisions before release

06/12/2013, 05:06 pm

Much has been said, both positive and negative, about the look of Apple's iOS 7, though new information reveals the design showed off at WWDC on Monday was merely a work in progress, meaning those initial impressions are likely to change in the months ahead.


BMW shuns Apple's 'iOS in the Car' to stick with its own technology [u]

06/12/2013, 02:06 pm

After being one of the first car companies to offer iPod integration, BMW is surprisingly not on the list of carmakers that announced their support for Apple's new "iOS in the Car" functionality this week.


Inside iOS 7: Apple automates picture organization in new Photos app

06/12/2013, 02:06 pm

One of the biggest application overhauls in iOS 7 is the Photos app, which has been redesigned to automate picture organization and take full advantage of Retina displays.


iOS 7 beta: Testers warned when using uncertified Lightning cables

06/12/2013, 08:06 am

Developers testing Apple's first beta of iOS 7 will receive a warning prompt on the screen when using an unauthorized Lightning cable to charge or sync.


iOS 7 beta: FaceTime Audio brings built-in VoIP, free long distance calling to iPhone

06/11/2013, 08:06 pm

With iOS 7, Apple will introduce FaceTime Audio, a first-party voice over IP extension of the company's video calling service that could disrupt the mobile industry by bringing free long distance and international calling to iPhone users around the world.


iOS 7 beta: Hotspot 2.0 support will lead to hassle-free Wi-Fi access

06/11/2013, 06:06 pm

While not mentioned during Apple's WWDC keynote, iOS 7 will support Hotspot 2.0, a relatively new Wi-Fi technology that allows compatible devices to seamlessly connect to compatible hotspots without user interaction.


Inside iOS 7: Apple puts Pandora on notice with iTunes Radio

06/11/2013, 03:06 pm

Apple's long-awaited "iRadio" is now an official service under the name iTunes Radio, available to test by developers who have access to the iOS 7 beta.


Formerly critical of Apple, officials now cautiously optimistic with iOS 7 anti-theft features

06/11/2013, 03:06 pm

Once vocal critics of Apple's efforts to prevent mobile device theft, the Attorneys General of San Francisco and New York are now a bit more optimistic in the wake of the iPhone maker's unveiling of new a new anti-theft mechanism.


iOS 7 beta: Developers, Sen. McCain applaud App Store auto-updates

06/11/2013, 10:06 am

Apple tweaked a lot of things for its forthcoming iOS 7 update, but there is one move in particular that has drawn cheers not only from the crowd of developers at WWDC, but from the halls of Congress: auto-updates for App Store software.


iOS 7 beta: iTunes Radio brings first ads to Apple's lock screen

06/11/2013, 10:06 am

The new developer beta of iOS 7 with iTunes Radio includes a first for Apple: a direct link on the lock screen to the iTunes Store to purchase content.


Apple's iOS 7 brings quick Spotlight search access to every app page

06/10/2013, 09:06 pm

As an increasing number of developers get their hands on Apple's latest iOS 7 beta, some have voiced concern over the seeming disappearance of Spotlight search, though closer inspection shows Apple has cleverly relocated for easier access.


Apple's new direction for iOS 7 leverages technology to impress

06/10/2013, 07:06 pm

"Our goal at Apple is to make great products that our customers love," Apple's chief executive Tim Cook stated at the end of the WWDC keynote. Happening upon what customers love is a bit more complicated than it sounds, however.


Apple seeds first iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks betas to developers

06/10/2013, 06:06 pm

Just hours after being announced, beta versions of Apple's iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks is now available to developers, giving coders their first at look the new operating systems ahead of a public launch expected for fall.


Apple's iOS 7 to give iPhone users easy access to WiFi controls, common actions

06/10/2013, 05:06 pm

It took more than five years, but Apple said Monday that iOS 7 will finally provide iPhone owners with access to toggle WiFi on and off, adjust screen brightness, and execute other common tasks without having to tediously drill-down into their device's settings panel.


Apple bumps into some third party apps to extend iOS 7

06/10/2013, 04:06 pm

Apple's new iOS 7 appears to step on the toes of a variety of third party developers by incorporating their apps' functionality directly into the platform.