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Topic: iOS 4

Researchers raise privacy concerns over location tracking in Apple's iOS 4

04/20/2011, 12:04 pm

Security researchers have discovered that Apple's iOS 4 mobile operating system, found on both the iPhone and iPad, keeps a log of user's locations and saves the data to a hidden file on the device.


White iPhone video may show scrapped Exposť interface for iOS multitasking

04/19/2011, 11:04 am

A new video of a white iPhone 4 claimed to be running a "test" build of iOS shows an Exposť-style multitasking interface, one that was originally planned for inclusion in iOS 4 but was ultimately scrapped.


iOS 4.3 adds new Photo Stream service, iPad FaceTime and PhotoBooth

01/20/2011, 01:01 am

The developer release of iOS 4.3 beta 2 includes mention of a new MobileMe-based Photo Stream picture sync feature, apparently part of a new Media Stream service, and includes versions of a standalone FaceTime and PhotoBooth app for iPad.


Apple could remove home button in next-gen iPad, iPhone - rumor

01/13/2011, 12:01 am

An unverified report claims that Apple is planning to remove the home button on the iPad and iPhone as early as later this year, relying instead on multitouch gestures to return to the home screen.


Skype for iPhone video calling now available; volume shutter app removed

12/30/2010, 01:12 am

As expected, Skype has added a new video calling feature to its iPhone app, giving users an alternate service from Apple's own FaceTime video chat standard. Meanwhile, an app that remapped the iPhone's volume button to serve as a shutter button has been quietly removed from the App Store.


22 months after announcement, Google Latitude app comes to Apple's iPhone

12/13/2010, 07:12 am

First announced in February 2009, the Google Latitude application for iPhone -- previously rejected from the App Store -- has been approved and is now available.


Apple disabled jailbreak detection API in iOS 4.2

12/10/2010, 08:12 pm

Less than six months after introducing it, Apple has quietly disabled its jailbreak detection API through the iOS 4.2 software update, according to a new report.


Inside AirPrint: How to add iOS printer sharing back to Mac OS X

11/11/2010, 02:11 pm

Experimenters have discovered the configuration files Apple removed from the public release of Mac OS X 10.6.5; adding them back restores the ability to print from iOS devices to shared printers on the Mac.


Sensational lawsuit accuses Apple of turning iPhone 3G into "iBrick"

11/04/2010, 02:11 am

A class action lawsuit filed in California last week alleges Apple engaged in "unsavory, dishonest and deceptive business practices" by offering its iOS 4 update to iPhone 3G users, all the while knowing that it would render many of the devices unusable.


Apple details iPhone alarm clock bug in support document

11/03/2010, 03:11 pm

Apple has published a support document on its website in an effort to help users who have been affected by an iPhone issue that caused alarms to go off an hour late in Europe this week.


Steve Jobs: iTunes LP, Extra coming to iOS Apple TV

11/02/2010, 05:11 pm

After its transition into an iOS device, Apple TV lost the ability to display iTunes LP and Extras, but support is on the way according to an email attributed to Apple's chief executive.


Apple changes multitasking bar, MobileMe login in iOS 4.2 GM

11/02/2010, 01:11 am

Subtle changes to iOS 4.2 in the Golden Master released to developers Monday include the addition of volume controls and an AirPlay button to the multitasking bar and an option to access MobileMe with an Apple ID. Meanwhile, developers can now submit their iOS 4.2 apps to Apple for review.


Apple releases iPhone, iPad iOS 4.2 Golden Master to developers

11/01/2010, 08:11 pm

Apple has released iOS 4.2 build 8C134 for both iPad and iPhone and iPod touch devices, indicating the company is close to public release of the new operating system, originally slated for delivery this month.


Europeans wake up an hour late as Apple fails to fix iPhone alarm clock bug

11/01/2010, 07:11 am

A still-unfixed bug with Apple's iPhone caused alarms in Europe to go off an hour late Monday as the continent switched from daylight saving time, but their phone's alarms did not.


Apple says iOS software update to fix pesky alarm clock bug

10/11/2010, 08:10 am

A software update for Apple's iPhone and other iOS devices is reportedly in the pipeline to rectify a glitch that has caused quite a few rude awakenings for some users overseas.


Adidas cancels $10M iAd contract due to Apple's control - rumor

10/03/2010, 02:10 pm

Shoemaker Adidas has reportedly canceled a $10 million deal for mobile advertisements on Apple's iAd service, because the iPhone maker has allegedly exerted too much control over the process.


iAd poised to take 21% of market as Google loses share to Apple

09/27/2010, 08:09 am

Apple's new iAd mobile advertising service is poised to take 21 percent of the U.S. mobile advertising market by the end of 2010, giving the company a market share tied with Google and three times larger than Microsoft.


iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3G shows marked improvement in speed test

09/03/2010, 08:09 pm

As expected, iPhone 3G performance improves considerably when running iOS 4.1 in an informal speed test.


Apple posts iPad iOS 4.2 "Coming Soon" page

09/02/2010, 10:09 pm

Apple has posted an iPad software update page on its website with details of the forthcoming iOS 4.2.


Apple's iOS 4.1 ships Sept. 8, will fix proximity sensor, add HDR photos [Ux2]

09/01/2010, 04:09 pm

Apple announced Wednesday that iOS 4.1 will fix proximity sensor and Bluetooth issues, and will add a new feature allowing users to take high dynamic range photographs that produce stunning pictures. The new software will ship Wednesday, Sept. 8 for the iPhone and iPod touch [Updated with HDR photos and details].