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Topic: iPad 3

Apple stock seen hitting $718 on sales of 60M iPads, 134M iPhones in 2012

03/15/2012, 03:03 pm

Record sales of 60 million iPads and 134 million iPhones in calendar 2012 will help push Apple's stock price up to $718, a new forecast predicts.


Teardown of Apple's new iPad finds Samsung-built Retina display, A5X CPU

03/15/2012, 02:03 pm

A complete disassembly of the new iPad has offered a glimpse inside the hardware, including a Samsung-built Retina display and A5X processor.


Apple stock touches $600 in early morning trading ahead of iPad launch

03/15/2012, 09:03 am

Apple's stock catapulted to new heights on Thursday, briefly breaching the $600 barrier for the first time in the company's history as investors remain upbeat about this Friday's iPad launch.


New iPads begin arriving at Best Buy as another hands-on surfaces from Hong Kong [u]

03/14/2012, 03:03 pm

Ahead of Friday's official launch of the new iPad, Best Buy stores have begun receiving inventory, as a new photo shows units stockpiled one of the retailer's back rooms. In addition, another hands-on with the new device has surfaced from Hong Kong.


New iPad drawing record preorders, Apple projected to sell 66M in 2012

03/14/2012, 11:03 am

Apple's new iPad is off to a record start before it's even been released, setting the stage for the company to sell a projected 66 million total units in 2012.


Apple announces new iPad will go on sale at 8 a.m. local time on Friday

03/14/2012, 08:03 am

When the new iPad goes on sale in the U.S. and nine other countries this Friday, it will become available at 8 a.m. local time, Apple announced on Wednesday.


LG supplying Apple with iPad Retina displays along with Samsung - report

03/14/2012, 08:03 am

Samsung isn't the only company supplying Retina displays for Apple's new iPad, with LG also manufacturing the high-resolution panels, according to a new report.


Samsung is sole supplier of Apple's iPad Retina displays - report

03/13/2012, 02:03 pm

LG and Sharp failed to meet Apple's quality standards, leaving Samsung as the sole supplier of Retina displays for the new iPad, according to a new report.


Apple avoids showcasing Google Maps in promotional material for new iPad

03/13/2012, 09:03 am

As further evidence that Apple plans to transition away from Google Maps in iOS, the company uploaded to its Web servers but chose not to publish images of Google's mapping data on the new iPad.


How to preview the Retina display enhanced in Safari on Mac or PC

03/13/2012, 08:03 am

Apple's official website has been quietly updated to take advantage of the Retina display on the new iPad. Users can preview the higher-resolution site now with a simple tweak in Apple's Safari desktop Web browser.


Benchmarks of Apple's new iPad confirm 1GB of RAM, same CPU speed

03/13/2012, 07:03 am

With a new pre-release iPad now out in the wild ahead of Friday's launch, benchmark tests conducted with the device have confirmed it has 1 gigabyte of RAM and an ARM CPU clocked at 1 gigahertz.


First unboxing video of Apple's new iPad surfaces from Vietnam

03/13/2012, 07:03 am

A first look at the new iPad being unpackaged and handled has surfaced from Vietnam, where users got their hands on an LTE-capable model days ahead of Friday's official launch.


Epic Games thinks Apple could take on game consoles with iPad, Apple TV & controller

03/12/2012, 04:03 pm

Epic Games, one of the top game developers for the iOS platform, believes that Apple could directly take on game consoles like Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 if it were to develop a Bluetooth controller for the iPad.


Apple projected to sell at least 1 million of new iPad on launch day

03/12/2012, 02:03 pm

This Friday's iPad launch will be another blockbuster for Apple, with one new analysis projecting that the company will sell at least one million on the first day alone.


Online orders of new iPad will now take up to 3 weeks to ship

03/12/2012, 09:03 am

Customers who waited to order their new iPad from Apple's online store will now also wait two to three weeks for their order to ship.


Apple sells out of launch-day iPads, new orders ship by March 19

03/09/2012, 02:03 pm

Less than two days after Apple's new iPad was unveiled, the company has sold out of launch-day preorders in its online store, as new orders are now advertised to ship by March 19.


Components for 4G LTE iPad estimated to cost $310, netting Apple 51% margins

03/09/2012, 10:03 am

Apple's third-generation iPad will have a slightly lower hardware-based profit margin of about 51 percent, based on a new estimate of hardware costs.


iPad Retina Display features Super High Aperture pixels, double the LEDs

03/09/2012, 09:03 am

Packing four times the pixels into the new iPad's Retina Display has proven to be a challenge for Apple's manufacturing partners, who are utilizing advanced technology like Super High Aperture pixel design and packing in double the LEDs for backlighting.


Led by Apple's iPad, tablet sales seen exceeding desktop PCs in 2013

03/09/2012, 08:03 am

Industry insiders now believe there will be greater consumer demand for the rapidly expanding tablet market, led by Apple's iPad, than there will be for desktop PCs in 2013.


New iPad 4G LTE incompatible with networks outside North America

03/08/2012, 08:03 pm

Despite being labeled a '4G LTE-capable' device, Apple's third generation iPad will likely be incompatible with the radio frequencies supporting the wireless technology outside of the U.S. and Canada.