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Topic: iPad 5

Delays reportedly push 'iPhone 5S' launch to late Sept.; 'iPhone Lite,' 'iPad 5' & Haswell Macs expected earlier

07/22/2013, 06:07 pm

Apple's next-generation iPhone is believed to be facing production difficulties, much like the iPhone 5 in 2012, one analyst believes, while the rumored "iPhone Lite," revamped "iPad 5," and Haswell Retina MacBook Pros and iMacs could see release in the interim.


Apple rumored to launch fifth-gen iPad in Sept., new iPad mini to follow

07/08/2013, 08:07 am

Apple is currently on schedule to launch a revised fifth-generation iPad in September, a new rumor claims, while features of the second-generation iPad mini, such as a potential Retina display, may still be in flux.


Schematics claim to show detailed design of Apple's fifth-gen iPad

06/30/2013, 09:06 pm

A new set of design schematics claimed to be for Apple's fifth-generation iPad show a design akin to the current iPad mini form factor.


Rumor: Low-cost iPhone, new iPad mini coming in August, but no 'iPhone 5S' until 2014

06/14/2013, 08:06 am

A questionable new rumor claims that Apple doesn't plan to release a true successor to the iPhone 5 until 2014, instead focusing on a low-cost iPhone this year.


iPad mini front panel falsely claimed to be part for Apple's 'iPad 5' [updated]

05/31/2013, 09:05 am

A new image emerged Friday claiming to show what looks to be a full-size fifth-generation iPad's front panel, again showing design cues taken from the iPad mini, but it was ultimately discovered that the image is actually an iPad mini part.


More cases for Apple's fifth-gen iPad give closer look at mini-like smaller bezel

05/30/2013, 08:05 am

A new video shows a hands-on session with a case purportedly designed for Apple's next-generation full-size iPad, suggesting once again it will feature a smaller width thanks to thinner bezels, but also revealing that the device's height may also be slightly reduced.


Apple's fifth-gen iPad rumored to debut after 'iPhone 5S,' feature rear mic

05/23/2013, 04:05 pm

The next full-size iPad from Apple will launch toward the end of 2013, after Apple's next iPhone, and the new tablet will gain a rear-facing microphone much like the iPhone 5, a new report claims.


Rumor: Production of Apple's 33% lighter fifth-gen iPad to begin in July

05/20/2013, 07:05 am

Trial production of Apple's thinner and lighter fifth-generation iPad is rumored to begin soon, with full-scale volume production to kick off in July, according to a new report.


Supposed Apple 'iPad 5' rear casing again shows mini-like design

04/22/2013, 10:04 am

The last few months have seen multiple leaks hinting at the design of Apple's next iPad, but now a picture released to the Internet purports to show the actual rear casing of the tablet, again suggesting Apple may adopt an iPad mini-like design for it's next full-size offering.


Apple's next-gen 9.7" iPad expected to be 25% lighter, 15% thinner, debut in Q3

04/18/2013, 02:04 am

Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities expects Apple's fifth-generation iPad to be substantially smaller than the current model, while still managing to carry a GF2 touch panel, A7X processor and other improvements over its predecessor.


Purported cases for Apple's 'iPad 5' again show iPad mini-like design

04/16/2013, 10:04 am

Images showing the purported rear casing for the next generation of Apple's iPad have once again emerged, showing off a design shift that brings the larger tablet in line with the look of its smaller sibling, the iPad mini.


Photos of purported 5th-gen iPad cover glass surface, show iPad mini inspired design

04/10/2013, 06:04 am

A photo that allegedly shows the top cover glass of Apple's fifth-generation iPad was posted to the Web early Wednesday, with the purported part taking design cues from the iPad mini including thinner side bezels and shallow rounded corners.


Rumor: Apple to begin production of 5th-gen iPad in July-August

04/09/2013, 07:04 am

Contrary to claims that a new full-size iPad will be introduced this month, a new report claims that Apple will instead begin production of its fifth-generation tablet later this summer.


Apple rumored to launch Retina iPad mini in Q3 2013

03/18/2013, 08:03 am

A new report claims Apple is gearing up to launch a second-generation iPad mini with Retina display in the third calendar quarter of this year, with a redesigned 9.7-inch iPad also in the works.


Purported 'iPad 5' cases again hint Apple will adopt mini-like redesign

02/25/2013, 11:02 am

A number of new iPad covers, ostensibly for an unannounced, redesigned iPad 5, have shown up on e-commerce site Alibaba.


Rumor: Purported 'iPad 5' case shows slimmer design akin to iPad mini

02/22/2013, 09:02 pm

Images of a case purported to be that of Apple's next-generation full-size iPad appear to show a slightly thinner tablet with smaller side bezels, much like the current iPad mini.


Rumor: Apple lining up suppliers for Retina MacBook Air, next-gen iPad

02/19/2013, 08:02 am

A pair of new reports claim Apple is gearing up to launch both a MacBook Air equipped with a Retina display, as well as a new 9.7-inch iPad with revamped touchscreen technology.


Rumor: 'G/F2' touchscreen will make Apple's next 9.7" iPad thinner, lighter

01/31/2013, 11:01 am

Apple later this year is expected to launch a new 9.7-inch iPad that will become thinner and lighter by using the same touchscreen technology as the iPad mini, according to a new report.


'iPad 5' rumored to debut in Oct. with mini-like design, 'iPhone 5S' & plastic iPhone also coming [ux2]

01/25/2013, 02:01 pm

A new report claims to shed more light on Apple's 2013 product lineup, including a redesigned iPad that will take cues from the iPad mini, an updated "iPhone 5S," and a low-cost iPhone with a plastic body intended for developing markets [updated with new alleged details].


Sharp cuts production of 9.7" iPad screens, demand may be shifting to Apple's iPad mini

01/18/2013, 08:01 am

Sharp is said to have "nearly halted" production of 9.7-inch panels for Apple's full-size iPad a change made as sales are predicted to shift to the 7.9-inch iPad mini.