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Topic: iPhone Software 3.0

Apple briefs staff on wireless iPhone movie and TV downloads

05/29/2009, 02:05 pm

The iPhone 3.0 operating system release will include new support for direct downloads of movie and TV content from the iTunes Store, according to people familiar with Apple's internal training materials.


Apple begins stress testing iPhone 3.0 push notifications

05/18/2009, 04:05 pm

Apple this week enlisted the services of the Associated Press and called upon many of its iPhone developers to help stress test its new Push Notification service slated for delivery in iPhone 3.0.


Apple execs to keynote WWDC, issue final Snow Leopard preview

05/13/2009, 08:05 am

Apple said Wednesday that a team of its top executives lead by worldwide marketing chief Phil Schiller will kick off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month with a keynote address on Monday, June 8 at 10:00 a.m. that will showcase a final developer preview of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.


Chinese rumor claims 2009 iPhone will be modest upgrade

05/11/2009, 07:05 pm

A forum thread on a Chinese Apple fan site is generating some interest by AppleInsider readers because one commenter claims to have used prototypes of Apple's next-gen iPhone because he purportedly has a friend working at the company's manufacturing partner Foxconn.


TomTom iPhone app; iPhone magnetometer; Boot Camp in 10.6

05/08/2009, 01:05 pm

Turn-by-turn GPS device maker TomTom is reportedly recruiting developers to help churn out an iPhone app. Meanwhile, next-gen iPhone hardware should include a digital compass. And Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will reportedly allow Windows partitions running under Boot Camp to read Mac partitions.


Apple requires iPhone OS 3.0 support for all new mobile apps

05/07/2009, 06:05 pm

Starting Thursday, iPhone app developers will have no choice but to test against iPhone OS 3.0 if they want to guarantee their places in the App Store, and have been warned their existing apps may be pulled if support breaks.


Briefly: Hazmat scare at Apple; Mac OS X 10.5.7; iPhone 3.0 beta 5

05/07/2009, 10:05 am

A building on Apple's Cupertino campus was evacuated Wednesday when an envelope containing a suspicious white powder was discovered. Meanwhile, the company has pushed out new betas of Mac OS X 10.5.7, iTunes 8.2, and iPhone Software 3.0.


Briefly: iPhone Software 3.0 taking better camera snapshots

05/05/2009, 12:05 pm

Beta versions of Apple's iPhone 3.0 software are consistently producing clearer, more detailed photos when running on the same iPhone 3G hardware as the latest public release of the software, new tests show.


Apple hints App Store rules may loosen with iPhone OS 3.0

05/04/2009, 06:05 pm

Following the rejection of an iPhone app for content the developer didn't produce itself, Apple has given signs it may allow more risque software on the App Store once iPhone OS 3.0 and its enhanced parental locks become a reality.


iTunes 8.2 beta hints at support for Gracenote's video platform

04/29/2009, 10:04 am

Apple on Tuesday equipped iPhone developers with a beta of iTunes 8.2 that appears to add full support for Gracenote's video platform, which includes components for organizing, searching and managing both DVD and Blu-ray optical discs.


New discoveries turn up in betas of Apple's iPhone 3.0 software [u]

04/17/2009, 10:04 am

Developer sources familiarizing themselves with betas of Apple's iPhone 3.0 software have uncovered a handful of additional tweaks and improvements to the system in recent weeks, including changes to Safari's window handling, new battery status indicators and notification preferences, as well as the advent of data detectors in certain apps.


Apple stores to ditch Windows EasyPay systems for iPhone tech

04/10/2009, 02:04 pm

Apple retail stores are looking to move away from Windows Mobile-based handheld checkout devices in favor of iPod touches with custom accessory add-ons, with a transition expected to follow the release of iPhone 3.0 later this year.


Apple fellow to lead RIM's new user experience team

04/09/2009, 06:04 pm

With increased competition from future iPhone technologies looming, Research in Motion has hired a veteran Apple interface director to lead a new team of designers tasked with improving the user experience of the company's BlackBerry handsets.


Apple invites iPhone developers to test live push notifications

04/09/2009, 05:04 pm

Apple on Thursday began inviting many of its iPhone developers to begin live testing of applications that will make use of the company's upcoming Push Notifications service.


Video recording interface unearthed in iPhone Software 3.0

04/07/2009, 01:04 pm

Following weeks of evidence and source reports on Apple's intentions to include video recording features in its next-generation iPhone, a new discovery within betas of the company's iPhone 3.0 software has all but officially confirmed the plans. Separate hints at Voice Dialing features are also being reported.


New Palm Pre apps underscore Apple's iPhone limitations

04/04/2009, 02:04 am

While third-party apps are being trumpeted as the iPhone's strength, key Palm Pre demos this week were designed to highlight their restrictions by taking advantage of those precise things that Apple won't allow.


Apple to enable iTunes account creation via iPhone software [u]

04/03/2009, 11:04 am

As part of its upcoming release of iPhone Software 3.0, Apple may is preparing to allow customers to sign up for and manage their iTunes accounts directly from their handset or iPod touch.


Report: Apple's next iPhone to sport 3.2-megapixel camera

04/03/2009, 08:04 am

Apple has placed orders with a local component supplier for new parts that suggest it will upgrade the iPhone's camera to 3.2-megapixels when it introduces new models a bit later this year.


Apple removes iPhone Bluetooth Headset from online store

04/01/2009, 01:04 pm

Apple's iPhone Bluetooth Headset has now been completely removed from the Apple online store, suggesting the company will cede the headset business to third parties or return with an improved version leveraging new features in iPhone Software 3.0.


iPhone OS 3.0 to expand home screens; new video walk-through

04/01/2009, 09:04 am

iPhone and iPod touch users will see their number of homescreens expanded with this summer's release of iPhone Software 3.0, which can be observed in action as part of a new walk-through video.