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Topic: iPhone 11 Pro

How to make YouTube videos on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad

04/01/2020, 03:04 pm

You've thought about making a YouTube channel before, and now suddenly you have the time to do it, too. All you need is the equipment -- and since you're an Apple user, you've already got it.


How AppleInsider staff work from home and what gear we need to do it

03/20/2020, 12:03 pm

AppleInsider staff work all around the world, and most of us have home offices. If you're looking for the ideal desk setup, we can show you that there isn't one -- but here are eight favorites that help us get our work done.


Improved iPhone, AirPods availability suggests Chinese production nearing normality

03/18/2020, 07:03 pm

Improvements in the availability of key Apple products imply supply partners in China have largely returned to regular production output after COVID-19 shut down operations in early 2020, a report said Wednesday.


Six ways iPhone 11 Pro bests the Galaxy S20+ -- and five ways it doesn't

03/11/2020, 12:03 pm

Samsung's latest crop of smartphones boasts a wide array of headline-grabbing features. Apple is already able to match some with its own half-year-old iPhone 11 line, while others may have to wait a while before they show up in Apple's ecosystem.


New 'Shot on iPhone' video takes 5-hour tour of Hermitage museum

03/10/2020, 06:03 am

Apple has produced an unusual video in its 'Shot on iPhone' campaign, showing the battery power and utility of the iPhone 11 Pro's camera in a five-hour single-take tour of the Hermitage museum in St.Petersburg, Russia.


Retail iPhone 11 inventory dries up in NYC as coronavirus hits supply

03/07/2020, 11:03 am

New York City retailers report Apple iPhone 11 inventory dropping to zero due to the coronavirus constraining the supply chain.


Apple unveils best 'shot on iPhone' Night Mode photos

03/03/2020, 08:03 am

Ten judges have ruled on Apple's "Shot on iPhone" Night Mode competition from January and have picked the six best submissions.


iPhone 11 Pro Max versus Nikon Z 7 - which is better for YouTube video creation?

02/28/2020, 12:02 pm

Apple's latest iPhones are equipped with some great cameras, but when it comes to blogging, YouTube video creation, and other video shooting, how do they compare with a dedicated camera such as the Nikon Z 7? That's what we are here to find out as we'll shoot with each of them side by side.


Apple's iPhone 11 Pro used to film new Lady Gaga music video 'Stupid Love'

02/27/2020, 11:02 pm

Pop diva Lady Gaga is set to release a new single titled "Stupid Love" on Friday, and in a tweet revealed the song's accompanying music video was shot using Apple's iPhone 11 Pro.


Latest 'Shot on iPhone' video uses iPhone 11 Pro to highlight Nevada's Valley of Fire

02/22/2020, 01:02 pm

Apple's newest video, "A Journey into the Valley of Fire," shows off iPhone 11 Pro's 4K video and Ultra Wide camera in an awe-inspiring Nevada state park.


iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 - $999 premium smartphones head-to-head

02/12/2020, 03:02 pm

Apple's iPhone 11 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 are the lower-end gateways into super-premium smartphones, and the long-time competitors are pushing for bigger specs than ever to win over customers.


Foxconn iPhone plant at Zhenghzou reopens with 10% of workforce

02/10/2020, 07:02 am

Apple supplier Foxconn is said to have reopened Zhenghzou, its most critical iPhone production plant, but only a tenth of the workforce has returned.


Foxconn moving iPhone production to combat coronavirus production loss, says Ming-Chi Kuo

02/09/2020, 01:02 pm

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sees significant uncertainty surrounding iPhone production in China because of the ongoing coronavirus, and has detailed what he is seeing so far at Apple assemblers Foxconn and Pegatron.


How to clean your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

02/09/2020, 11:02 am

You've spent a lot of money on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and you don't take enough care of them. Here's how to clean them -- and, crucially, what you must not ever do.


New iPhone 11 ad shows off Apple's Night Mode

02/06/2020, 03:02 pm

The 38-second long video shows what a difference Night mode makes when shooting with the iPhone 11.


Review: Nomad's new Moment Rugged Case mixes durable leather with photography

02/05/2020, 10:02 am

Nomad has just launched an updated version of its popular Rugged case with an integrated Moment lens adapter which might be just right if you need more lenses for your iPhone photography.


iPhone 11 Pro said to emit twice the FCC's legal limit for RF radiation

02/04/2020, 02:02 pm

An independent lab claims that the iPhone 11 Pro emits over twice the FCC's legal limit for radio frequency emissions -- but as before, there are more questions than answers surrounding the testing, and no demonstrable health danger to the public at all.


Apple was world's No. 1 smartphone vendor in Q4, report says

01/29/2020, 09:01 pm

Led by demand for the hugely popular iPhone 11, Apple's share of the global smartphone market topped all competitors in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to statistics released on Wednesday.


iPhone 11 was Apple's best-selling iPhone during lucrative holiday quarter

01/28/2020, 06:01 pm

Apple's wildly popular iPhone 11 helped drive record revenue growth in the first fiscal quarter of 2020, with the handset sitting at the top of company sales charts every week during the important December quarter.


Apple has more than 1.5B active devices in the wild, up 100M in last year

01/28/2020, 05:01 pm

Apple has reached its highest install base ever with more than 1.5 billion active devices in use by customers around the world, a jump from 1.4 billion devices clocked a year ago.