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Topic: iPhone 4G

Apple seeks LTE 4G expert to ensure future iPhone carrier compatibility

08/24/2011, 03:08 pm

Apple is working to ensure that its iOS mobile operating system that powers the iPhone is inter-operable with a wide range of wireless specifications, including high-speed 4G long-term evolution technology.


Photo shows alleged LTE 4G equipment installed at Apple Store

08/16/2011, 01:08 pm

A new photo claims to show high-speed LTE 4G equipment from AT&T being installed at a "major" Apple retail store, increasing speculation that Apple could launch a 4G device in the near future.


Rumor: Apple's carrier partners are testing a 4G-capable LTE iPhone

08/15/2011, 11:08 am

A new rumor claims that carriers who support Apple's iPhone are testing a new prototype handset that is capable of connecting to high-speed 4G long-term evolution data networks.


Verizon rumored to launch LTE 4G capable Apple iPhone after Christmas

12/13/2010, 12:12 pm

A new report claims that Apple will launch a new iPhone on the Verizon network after Christmas, with the upgraded handset capable of accessing the carrier's new 4G long-term evolution wireless network.


AT&T sold out of iPhone 3G before Apple's next-gen announcement

06/04/2010, 11:06 am

With just a few days to go before Apple is expected to formally announce its fourth-generation iPhone, the low-end iPhone 3G is now reportedly out of stock at U.S. carrier AT&T.


Gizmodo editor's devices being examined in prototype iPhone case

06/03/2010, 11:06 am

The computers and devices of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, seized in April as part of an investigation into the obtained prototype Apple iPhone, are now being examined for evidence.


More alleged Apple iPhone 4G parts show white external casing

06/02/2010, 03:06 pm

Components claimed to be from Apple's forthcoming fourth-generation iPhone once again show a white external casing, this time with a previously unseen white back panel.


Apple rejected OLED screen for next iPhone, developed backup handset

05/26/2010, 12:05 pm

Apple reportedly explored the possibility of adding an OLED screen to its forthcoming next-generation iPhone, but ultimately rejected the feature for a variety of reasons, and will stick with an LCD IPS display. The company has also allegedly developed a minor iPhone upgrade as a backup plan in case of production issues.


Piper: Apple has 'little room for surprise' at WWDC 2010

05/26/2010, 07:05 am

Two lost prototype iPhones, presumed to represent the fourth-generation handset that will be be announced by Steve Jobs at the Worldwide Developers Conference, have taken away the element of surprise for Apple, one prominent analyst believes.


Commercials for Apple's next-gen iPhone to demonstrate video chat

05/25/2010, 07:05 am

Television commercials for Apple's forthcoming iPhone upgrade will reportedly showcase the device's video chat abilities and will be shot by an Academy Award winning director.


Pictures of iPhone 4G with white front panel surface

05/23/2010, 01:05 pm

Alleged photos of a next-generation iPhone partially assembled with a white front panel have surfaced online, further suggesting that Apple will offer two colors of its redesigned handset.


Alleged iPhone 4G part suggests Apple could offer white front panel

05/19/2010, 01:05 pm

A purported component from Apple's forthcoming fourth-generation iPhone suggests the new handset could have a white external casing on its front side.


Fourth-generation iPhone cases match Apple's prototype design

05/19/2010, 09:05 am

Photos of new iPhone third-party protective cases show accessories that were designed to meet the physical form factor of Apple's prototype fourth-generation handset.


Foxconn to ship 24M next-gen iPhones with improved displays in 2010

05/17/2010, 08:05 am

Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple's fourth-generation iPhone, will ship 24 million units in 2010, with new LCD displays that include IPS and FFS technology for improved e-book reading capabilities, according to component makers.


Affidavit in prototype iPhone case reveals Steve Jobs contacted Gizmodo

05/14/2010, 02:05 pm

After Gizmodo paid $5,000 to obtain a prototype iPhone that was lost by an Apple engineer, the company's chief executive personally contacted the website's editor to request that the phone be returned.


Apple A4 processor in iPhone prototype has 256MB RAM

05/12/2010, 03:05 pm

The markings on the processor inside the latest photographed next-generation iPhone prototype reveal the system-on-a-chip includes the Apple A4 and 256MB of Samsung DRAM on two dies.


Another iPhone prototype leak reveals A4 processor, screw-less design

05/12/2010, 05:05 am

New pictures of Apple's next-generation iPhone have leaked, this time showing a newer and more refined prototype model than the one obtained by Gizmodo last month.


Verizon advertising partner rumored to be working on iPhone campaign

05/11/2010, 12:05 pm

Rumors of a Verizon iPhone arriving this summer continue to surface, with CrunchGear claiming Landor Associates, which handles Verizon's branding, is working an advertising campaign regarding Apple's next-generation handset.


Media ask court to unseal affidavit used in iPhone prototype raid

05/05/2010, 09:05 pm

Major media outlets, looking into the legality of a police raid of the home of the Gizmodo editor who obtained a prototype iPhone, have asked a California judge to unseal the search warrant affidavit.


Apple's next-gen iPhone could record 720p high-def video

05/05/2010, 03:05 pm

Potentially lending support to the rumored "iPhone HD" name, new evidence in the iPhone OS 4 SDK suggests the camera in Apple's next-generation handset could record 720p high-definition video.