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Topic: iPhone apps

Google Mobile iPhone app with voice search now available

11/18/2008, 08:11 am

The new version of Google's Mobile iPhone application that includes voice search recognition was made available as a free download on the App Store last night.


Google voice search app for iPhone arriving shortly

11/14/2008, 09:11 am

Google as early as today is expected to introduce a free application for the iPhone that lets you search for information, directions, or virtually anything else by speaking into the handset, eliminating need for the keyboard entirely.


First look: 'Classics' aims to kindle iPhone reading surge

10/29/2008, 05:10 pm

E-books are just beginning to gain traction with consumers today, a phenomenon that seemed to start quietly with offerings from Sony, then taking another large step with Amazon's Kindle. However, the iPhone -- a device not meant for dedicated reading -- is increasingly turning people on to digital reading.


Google Earth lands for iPhone, Netflix testing Mac streaming

10/27/2008, 01:10 pm

Google on Monday launched a version of Google Earth as a native application for iPhone and iPod touch owners. Meanwhile, Netflix said it has begun testing its second-gen Generation Media Player, which will stream movies to Intel Macs.


Latest iPhone Software supports full-screen Web apps

10/03/2008, 12:10 pm

One unpublicized feature introduced by Apple's latest iPhone software updates is the ability to save Web apps to the home screen and have them launch in full-screen mode without the Safari wrapper, essentially mimicking the experience of a native app.


Apple updates App Store to address developer misuse

09/29/2008, 09:09 am

Apple over the weekend instated a series of changes to the way its App Store operates in an effort to knock out loopholes that were being exploited by some developers seeking an unfair advantage.


Apple launches iPhone Developer University Program

09/24/2008, 09:09 am

Apple has recently released details of a new program designed for higher education institutions looking to introduce curriculum for developing iPhone or iPod touch applications.


Apple releases iPhone Software v2.1

09/12/2008, 09:09 am

Apple early Friday morning released the much-anticipated iPhone Software 2.1 Update recently billed by company chief executive as a "big update" that fixes "a lot of bugs."


Apple to bundle music extras app with iTunes albums

09/02/2008, 12:09 pm

iPhone and iPod touch users will soon be able to purchase and download 'interactive albums' from Apple's iTunes store that will include an App Store application loaded with extras, according to a new report.


iPhone Software 2.1 to stifle open source copy-and-paste effort

08/25/2008, 12:08 pm

An open source project aimed at bringing universal copy-and-paste support to Apple's iPhone has hit a major roadblock due to security-related changes in the next version of iPhone software, according to the group's organizers.


Apple's App Store sees first month sales of $30 million

08/11/2008, 08:08 am

Users of Apple's new App Store have downloaded more than 60 million programs, generating a total of about $30 million in sales since the service launched one month ago, according to Apple chief executive Steve Jobs.


IBM expands Lotus Notes Mac support to iPhone (screenshots)

08/07/2008, 06:08 pm

IBM has unveiled a sneak peek of its new Lotus iNotes, a web app client for its Lotus Domino messaging server to bring email, calendar, and contacts to iPhone. The move fulfills rumors of customized iPhone support for Lotus Notes and demonstrates IBM's evolving interest in Apple within the enterprise.


Inside iPhone 2.0: the new iPhone App Store

08/06/2008, 09:08 am

The long wait for official third party apps on the iPhone is over. From the moment the original iPhone was released, critics complained about Apple's closed platform and insisted that it could not meet their definition of "smartphone" because it couldn't run software created by other companies. In this segment, we'll take a look at the Apple's iPhone software development kit, the App Store, and iPhone 2.0's third party apps themselves.


Inside iPhone 2.0: the new iPhone 3G Software

08/04/2008, 08:08 am

With the iPhone 3G hardware, Apple significantly improved upon last year's original iPhone. It also extended many of the benefits of its newest model to existing users in the form of the iPhone 2.0 software update (which is also available to current iPod touch users for a nominal $10 fee). This segment presents what's new in the 2.0 software, what hasn't changed, what's missing, what's wrong, and how it compares to other smartphone software platforms on the market.


Ten step guide to sharing your iPhone's connection with NetShare

08/01/2008, 06:08 pm

A tiny company called Nullriver today released what is arguably one of the most useful iPhone applications to date: NetShare. With a tiny bit of configuring, the $10 software allows you to share your iPhone's EDGE or 3G connection with your Mac notebook (or any computer in general). We've compiled an illustrated 10-step guide that we hope will simplify the configuration process and provide an overview of the software for those who may be considering it as a purchase.


New app lets your Mac share your iPhone's internet connection

08/01/2008, 03:08 pm

A new iPhone application available for download on the App Store will let your Mac or PC share the internet connection provided by your iPhone or iPhone 3G.


AT&T developing voice-controlled iPhone apps (video)

07/23/2008, 12:07 am

AT&T has developed a software trick that will let modern mobile handsets, including Apple Inc's iPhone, recognize voice commands without the need for specialized voice recognition software.


Visual preview of top 10 new iPhone games

07/10/2008, 04:07 pm

iPhone users on Apple's just-launched App Store are already downloading applications by the thousands. This article previews the top 10 games based off the number of downloads thus far. Included is pricing information, size information, descriptions, and screen shots of each title.


Visual preview of top 10 free iPhone applications

07/10/2008, 02:07 pm

Apple's highly anticipated iPhone App Store launched earlier this morning, spawning a user-generated list of the most popular applications available at no cost. This article previews the top 10 with links, descriptions, and screenshots.