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Topic: Morgan Stanley

Continued iPhone growth could push Apple stock to $400

05/24/2010, 08:05 am

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said Monday she believes iPhone market share growth, including in the enterprise market, along with strong initial demand for the iPad will push Apple stock to $310, but her "bull case" scenario shows it going even higher, to $400.


44% of iPad buyers view Apple's tablet as notebook replacement

05/06/2010, 10:05 am

A survey of iPad buyers found that 44 percent would purchase the touchscreen device instead of a notebook, and 41 percent would not buy an iPod touch as a result of their tablet.


Expectations for Apple hit new heights after record iPhone sales

04/21/2010, 08:04 am

Apple's 8.75 million iPhones sold in the March quarter combined with a better-than-expected launch of the iPad has led analysts to increase their already bullish views on the company's stock.


Oppenheimer raises Apple target ahead of second quarter earnings

04/16/2010, 10:04 am

Research investment firm Oppenheimer on Friday raised its price target and estimates for Apple through the end of the fiscal year to reflect improving momentum across all the company's product lines and expectations of strong March quarter results.


Strong interest in Apple iPad expected to produce 7M first-year sales

04/14/2010, 08:04 am

A new survey of 2,500 consumers found that a large number -- 21 percent -- are interested in purchasing an iPad, which has led one prominent analyst to project 7 million sales of Apple's new device in its first 12 months on the market.


Apple to build 8-10M iPads in 2010, begins shipping preorders

03/29/2010, 08:03 am

As Apple began shipping the first iPads to those who first preordered, a new report on Monday said the company plans to ship between 8 million and 10 million devices in the 2010 calendar year.


'Material' market gains expected from Apple's 25 new China stores

03/22/2010, 09:03 am

With Apple's retail presence delivering growth in Mac and iPhone marketshare elsewhere in the world, the company's plans to build 25 new stores in China is expected to have a significant impact on sales.


Apple predicted to introduce lower cost iPhone models in June

02/26/2010, 08:02 am

Apple's next update to the blockbuster iPhone handset is expected by one prominent analyst to have a lower total cost of ownership, and to also include new gesture-based functionality.


Pre-paid Chinese iPhone could see 10M sales a year

01/29/2010, 01:01 pm

Despite a slow start, Apple's smartphone presence in China could grow to 5 million iPhone sales per year -- and could even double that if the company were to offer a lower cost prepaid model.


Wall Street again has high hopes for Apple after record quarter

07/22/2009, 01:07 pm

Analysts are again bullish on Apple stock after the company reported a record third quarter in Tuesday's earnings report, and provided higher-than-expected guidance in some aspects of its fourth quarter.


Apple's Mac shipments rebounding sharply in recent weeks

07/01/2009, 10:07 am

An aggressive back-to-school promotion and a more affordably-priced overhaul to Apple's MacBook Pro notebook line are boosting Apple's personal computer shipments to levels not seen since last October, shortly before the economic climate caught up with the Mac maker in earnest.


Apple upgraded by Morgan Stanley on expected iPhone boom

05/26/2009, 10:05 am

Arguing that the market is underestimating demand for iPhones over the next two calendar years, investment bank Morgan Stanley on Tuesday upgraded shares of Apple to Overweight from Equal-weight, saying success of the touchscreen handset should offset any growth risks in the company's core Mac and iPod businesses.


Apple's iPhone may have outsold Android nearly 6-to-1

01/20/2009, 06:01 pm

While Apple may not have had the strongest of holiday sales for Macs and iPods, estimates for sales of iPhone 3G versus T-Mobile's G1 may show Apple's device having outsold one of its closest competitors by a ratio of six to one in the US alone.


iPhone seen as still too expensive, losing steam in fall

12/10/2008, 07:12 pm

A new report warns that halving the iPhone's price this summer still wasn't enough to truly grow sales -- and that recent metrics may show an actual shrink in sales during the early fall.


Apple shares tumble on downgrades from investment banks

09/29/2008, 11:09 am

Shares of Apple bled more than 17 percent of their value in Monday morning trading on the Nasdaq stock market after analysts for investment banks Morgan Stanley and RBC Capital both downgraded their outlook on the company, citing a worsening consumer environment.


Morgan Stanley compares Apple to Nintendo while raising estimates

06/18/2008, 10:06 am

Apple's iPhone 3G product cycle and high margin revenue from associated services and software can elevate the company's valuation closer to that of Nintendo, says Morgan Stanley, which sees growing similarities between the two firms' business models.


Morgan Stanley: 40% of college students plan to buy Macs

03/26/2008, 03:03 pm

Apple's rapidly rising mindshare amongst current generation college students is setting the company up for an "aging phenomenon" that will spur further market share and revenue growth as those students enter the work force, investment bank Morgan Stanley said Wednesday.


R&D, travel expenses suggest Apple plans big 2008 - report

02/27/2008, 08:02 am

The sheer amount of money spent by Apple on research -- as well as maintaining chief executive Steve Jobs' private jet -- suggests that the company is working feverishly on international iPhone releases and new products, according to a new research note from Morgan Stanley.


Morgan Stanley advises investors not to bet against Apple

01/25/2008, 11:01 am

While researchers for investment bank Morgan Stanley aren't disputing that slowing iPod growth presents a negative scenario for Apple's share price, they're pointing to recent history this week in advising their clients that now would be the wrong time to bet against the company.


Morgan Stanley ups Apple target, Mac sales estimates

10/12/2007, 02:10 pm

In a bullish research report released Friday, Morgan Stanley raised its price target on shares of Apple Inc. to $180 from $150, but said that the stock could potentially surge as high as $225 given the company's operating leverage and the upcoming launch of an ultramobile Mac.