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Topic: Moving to iPhone 3G on AT&T

Notes from our experience activating iPhone 3G at Apple retail

07/11/2008, 12:07 pm

We stood in line at a local Apple retail store early this morning to experience the first-day iPhone 3G launch and new activation process. What follows is a comprehensive set of notes covering the process for those customers who'll be picking up their new iPhone later today, this weekend, or sometime thereafter.


Apple retail chief on what to expect at Apple stores on Friday

07/08/2008, 04:07 pm

Speaking to Bloomberg on Tuesday, Apple retail chief Ron Johnson offered some clarity on how his retail staffers will service droves of queued iPhone 3G hopefuls this Friday, how long each activation will take, and what kind of supply stores will have on hand.


Apple updates iPhone 3G launch info as unboxing photos appear

07/08/2008, 01:07 pm

Apple has issued emails and updated its iPhone pages with new information regarding iPhone 3G launch day procedures. Meanwhile, the first sets of unboxing photos are appearing on the Web now that demo units have started to arrive at retail stores around the world.


Apple stores to open at 8:00 a.m. Friday for iPhone 3G launch

07/07/2008, 08:07 pm

US-based Apple retail stores will join those of AT&T by opening at 8:00 a.m. local time on Friday, July 11th, to usher in the new iPhone 3G, the company said Monday.


EasyPay to ease iPhone 3G transactions at Apple retail stores

07/07/2008, 06:07 pm

Apple plans to rely heavily on its portable checkout devices to speed up the iPhone 3G checkout and activation process at its retail stores beginning this Friday, according to information coming out of the company's retail meetings. Other notes from the internal gatherings follow.


AT&T says original iPhones can be deactivated and used as WiFi iPods

07/02/2008, 08:07 am

Original iPhone owners who prefer not to give away or sell their old iPhones after upgrading to an iPhone 3G can instead keep their devices and use them as WiFi-enabled iPods, AT&T has confirmed.


How to hand-down your old iPhone after upgrading to iPhone 3G

07/01/2008, 05:07 pm

Original iPhone owners upgrading to an iPhone 3G can hand-down their old iPhone to a family member or friend with a few simple steps, the most complex of which entails a trek down to a local AT&T retail store to pick up a fresh SIM card.


Moving to iPhone 3G: a guide for current and non-current AT&T customers

07/01/2008, 04:07 pm

AT&T is attempting to alleviate some of the confusion surrounding the upgrade paths to iPhone 3G with a series of video guides focused on getting customers "iReady" before the 8:00 a.m. launch on July 11th. The three videos covered in this report are aimed at 1) existing AT&T iPhone customers moving to iPhone 3G, 2) non-iPhone AT&T customers moving to iPhone 3G, and 3) customers new to AT&T moving to iPhone 3G.


New and old AT&T iPhone plans compared, cost increases detailed [u]

07/01/2008, 01:07 pm

With AT&T increasing data costs while simultaneously cutting text messages from its iPhone 3G plans, individual iPhone users upgrading to the 3G model will find themselves paying between 12.5% and 25% more to maintain the same level of service while FamilyTalk plan subscribers will likely see their costs rise anywhere from 8% to 27%. Included are some charts observations to help explain why. [Updated 9:00 p.m. Eastern with clarification on FamilyTalk SMS options and pricing.]


AT&T announces iPhone 3G plans, 8 a.m. launch time on July 11

07/01/2008, 10:07 am

AT&T announced Tuesday that iPhone 3G buyers will be forced into more costly service plans than those offered alongside the original iPhone. Plans will now start at $70 for a package that includes 450 minutes and no text messages. The carrier also issued a series of "tips" on how to be "iReady" when the new Apple handset goes on sale at its retail stores at 8 a.m. local time on Friday, July 11.