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Topic: Orange

France says Apple owes 48.5 million euros for unfair iPhone contracts with carriers

04/05/2016, 01:04 pm

France's competition, consumer, and fraud agency -- the DGCCRF -- has reportedly launched a court case against Apple seeking 48.5 million euros ($55.3 million), saying the company is maintaining unfair carrier contracts that grant it too much control.


Orange CEO fuels hope that Apple may grant 3rd-party apps & services access to iPhone NFC chip

03/17/2016, 01:03 pm

The CEO of France-based carrier Orange has revealed that the company's proprietary tap-to-pay wallet Orange Cash will arrive on the iPhone in a few weeks. That's led to speculation that Apple could be preparing to allow third-party apps and services to access the iPhone's NFC chip.


France Telecom CEO says iPhone sales threatened by lack of cheaper option

04/04/2013, 11:04 am

European consumers are cutting back spending in the face of a fragile economy, and the CEO of one telecom says that could signal tough times ahead for Apple's iPhone.


Orange CEO: Apple's next iPhone will be smaller, thinner with new SIM

05/23/2011, 10:05 pm

France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard said in a recent interview that Apple has agreed on a compromise with wireless carriers to use a smaller SIM card instead of an e-SIM in order to make the next-generation iPhone even smaller and thinner.


Apple pushing new industry standard for even smaller SIM cards

05/17/2011, 01:05 pm

Apple is said to have proposed a new standardized SIM card even smaller than the current micro-SIM used in the iPhone 4, potentially allowing for even thinner devices.


Price reductions on Apple's 3G iPad in UK fuel rumors of iPad 2 launch

02/21/2011, 02:02 pm

Two mobile carriers in the U.K. have lowered their subsidized price for Apple's first-generation iPad, fueling speculation that the company is clearing inventory in anticipation of its still-unannounced "iPad 2."


Briefly: Orange UK subsidizing iPad, iPhone 4 Torx screws, Apple Store burglarized

11/22/2010, 09:11 pm

Wireless operator Orange UK announced that it will soon offer a discounted iPad with a data service plan, while reports indicate that Apple has begun changing the screws on the iPhone 4 to the less user-accessible Torx screw. Finally, burglars broke into an Apple Store in Pittsburgh, Penn., making off with over $10,000 in merchandise.


Orange UK iPad 3G monthly data plans run £15 for 3GB, £25 for 10GB

05/07/2010, 02:05 pm

Wireless carrier Orange U.K. gave the first glimpse at international 3G data plans for Apple's iPad, with four different pricing options, including a pay-as-you-go price plan.


Despite Apple's absence, iPhone is talk of Mobile World Congress

02/15/2010, 08:02 am

(Mobile World Congress) Apple is not officially present at this week's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, yet carriers are talking about the iPhone and rivals are introducing what they hope to pitch as "iPhone killers."


France Telecom exec implies Apple tablet to have 3G, Web cam [u]

01/11/2010, 08:01 am

An executive with wireless operator France Telecom suggested in an interview Monday that Apple will soon release a tablet equipped with a Web cam, and Orange customers across Europe will be able to use the device.


Tesco undercuts other UK operators with £20 iPhone monthly plan

12/10/2009, 10:12 am

Tesco, the largest retail store in the U.K., has announced that its base plan for the iPhone will cost just £20 ($32.54) per month, which is a third lower than competing carriers.


End of iPhone exclusivity means boosted sales in Europe

11/23/2009, 11:11 am

As exclusive contracts for the iPhone begin to expire throughout Europe, sales of Apple's handset have increased dramatically thanks to expansion to multiple carriers.


Hit-or-miss site claims 4G iPhone part; French exclusivity ends

11/03/2009, 03:11 pm

A Chinese Web site that has leaked parts of Apple products in the past with varying degrees of accuracy has claimed to have a fourth-generation iPhone part; and the French government has nixed the exclusive agreement between Apple and Orange.


Vodafone to sell Apple's iPhone in UK, too

09/29/2009, 07:09 am

Vodafone has reached an agreement to sell the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in the U.K. and Ireland, an announcement that came just a day after Orange revealed it would also sell the handset.


Apple's iPhone abroad: Orange UK to sell; China debut in October

09/28/2009, 07:09 am

When O2's exclusive contract for the iPhone expires this year, Orange will also offer the handset in the U.K.; and China Unicom will offer Apple's iPhone for $732.50 on October 1.


Possible T-Mobile-Sprint merger could rival AT&T in subscribers

09/14/2009, 04:09 pm

Deutsche Telekom, the owners of T-Mobile in the U.S., are reportedly looking into acquiring competitor Sprint. Together, the two companies would have a customer base that rivals AT&T.


Proposed Orange-T-Mobile merger centered around iPhone

09/08/2009, 02:09 pm

Two British wireless carriers hope to merge and create the nation's largest network, partially in a bid to grab Apple's attention and earn the right to sell the iPhone.


Reports say iPhone could be coming to British T-Mobile

07/15/2009, 08:07 am

Multiple sources are reporting that that T-Mobile U.K. is in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone 3G – last year’s model – to its mobile service, taking away the phone’s exclusivity from competing carrier O2.


Apple seeks 3G specialist for Macs as subsidy deals near

05/05/2009, 04:05 pm

Apple is seeking an experienced communications engineer to join its Mac team and focus on debugging communications technologies -- including 3G Wireless WAN -- amid rumors that the company is nearing deals with 3G providers that would help subsidize the cost of new Macs.


Orange to subsidize MacBooks alongside mobile broadband sales

03/26/2009, 01:03 pm

Orange, the United Kingdom's top rated mobile broadband provider, is said to be wrapping up talks with Apple to offer subsidized MacBooks to customers who sign up for its 3G service.