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Topic: Psystar

Psystar to depose numerous Apple executives in lawsuit

08/14/2009, 08:08 am

Clone Mac creator Psystar announced this week that it will conduct depositions of numerous high-ranking Apple officials as it prepares its defense against the company's lawsuit.


Psystar bankruptcy dismissal sets stage for Apple suit

08/11/2009, 03:08 pm

As promised, knock-off Mac creator Psystar has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but the judge who granted the order has also taken steps to ensure the Florida company won't use the same route to fend off Apple.


Psystar switches lawyers in renewed defense

07/28/2009, 06:07 pm

Now close to once again fighting Apple in court, Mac clone maker Psystar has brought on a new legal team and has even begun steps to publish much of its knowledge about Mac OS X clones.


Pesky Psystar to emerge from Chapter 11 with new Mac offering

07/02/2009, 02:07 pm

Battered, bankrupt, and thought to be wobbling on its last leg, Psystar this week proved that it can still turn heads when it announced that it will soon emerge from Chapter 11 bearing its fastest Mac system yet.


Apple has Psystar's lawsuit stay lifted; Palm Pre unhurt by iPhone

06/23/2009, 06:06 pm

Psystar's hopes of stalling Apple's lawsuit have crumbled as the Mac maker has successfully overturned the court stay on its case. At the same time, Apple's legal hammer has been falling on iTunes gift card fraud, and the Palm Pre continues to sell out even with the iPhone 3GS threatening to pull customers away.


Apple accuses Psystar of hiding behind bankruptcy

06/12/2009, 10:06 pm

Not quite content to just let Psystar sit in bankruptcy, Apple has filed a motion to have its case against Psystar continue and claims the unauthorized Mac clone maker is using its impoverished state as a shield against having to account for its supposedly illegal activity.


Another Mac clone maker tries its luck with Apple

05/29/2009, 10:05 pm

Just as the most prominent attempt at cloning Macs is falling apart, another is preparing to take its place and promises a better experience, even as it knows it will likely face a battle with Apple's legal team.


Psystar files for bankruptcy likely delaying Apple case

05/26/2009, 01:05 pm

Psystar abruptly filed for bankruptcy protection in the state of Florida last week in a move that's likely to delay or end its ongoing legal proceedings with Apple over the sale of unauthorized Mac clones.


Psystar claims Apple asking for non-existent, redundant info

05/08/2009, 05:05 pm

Mac clone maker Psystar has shot back at accusations that it was withholding important information in Apple's lawsuit against it, arguing that it's being asked to invent documents that don't exist or which are no longer necessary.


Apple says Psystar holding back info in Mac clone legal case

05/01/2009, 02:05 pm

Apple this week asked a federal court judge to intervene in its discovery process with unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar, which is reportedly violating proper procedure by refusing to answer key questions and turn over critical financial information about its business.


Psystar presses forward with another Mac clone

03/18/2009, 12:03 pm

Despite ongoing litigation, Mac cloner Psystar has introduced a new slimline tower also capable of running Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system, starting at $600.


Apple picks at Psystar counterclaim as court info goes secret

03/06/2009, 10:03 am

Apple has responded to Psystar's latest copyright abuse claims against it by pointing out technicalities; simultaneously, both have successfully won approval for a protection order that keeps some of their discoveries out of each other's view.


Apple, Psystar seek protective order in preparation for trial

02/26/2009, 12:02 pm

Apple and unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar have agreed to restrict access to certain trade secrets and software code in an effort to avoid any leaks to their respective competitors as they near the discovery process that will precede a formal trial.


Amended Psystar complaint vs. Apple repeats copyright claims

02/13/2009, 08:02 pm

Mac cloner Psystar says Apple has misused copyrights by preventing Mac OS X from being run on third-party hardware, according to an amended complaint filed yesterday.


Psystar wins one, loses one in defense against Apple

02/09/2009, 09:02 am

Psystar has finally scored a victory in its defense against Apple as the two sides prepare for trial, but that win also comes at a small cost for the Mac clone maker.


Psystar says its Mac OS X copies are legal by nature

01/13/2009, 06:01 pm

Mac clone seller Psystar now claims the legally purchased nature of its Mac OS X copies clears it to load the software on its unofficial Open Computer and OpenPro systems.


Psystar claims Apple has invalid Mac OS X copyright

12/22/2008, 06:12 pm

In an aggressive response, unofficial Mac clone builder Psystar has made a controversial claim that Apple doesn't legally own the US rights to protect Mac OS X, invalidating a major component of its lawsuit.


EFi-X USA to sell pre-made PCs capable of running Mac OS X

12/12/2008, 10:12 am

Leveraging an internal adapter that lets many generic PCs run Mac OS X, a company called EFi-X USA now plans to offer a solution that potentially allows customers to create their own Mac systems.


Psystar drops antitrust gripes in fresh counterclaim against Apple

12/09/2008, 06:12 pm

Florida's now well-known unofficial Mac clone maker has modified its counterclaim against Apple to drop some of the riskier assertions of anti-competitive behavior, but has similarly added new sections that refute allegations of violating the DMCA.


Psystar emboldens "OpeniMac" copycat clone maker

12/05/2008, 12:12 pm

With unsanctioned clone maker Psystar still pushing its knock-off Macs in the face of ongoing litigation, another company is testing Apple's legal resolve and treading on its trademarks in the process through sales of a pair of new "OpeniMac" systems.