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Topic: Psystar

Expanded Apple lawsuit claims Psystar part of a larger plot

12/03/2008, 08:12 pm

Now free of any countersuits, Apple has grown its lawsuit against Mac clone maker Psystar to accuse it of further violations and to claim that others have contributed to its breaking copyright law.


Judge grants Apple's motion to dismiss Psystar's counterclaims

11/18/2008, 03:11 pm

A California judge on Tuesday granted Apple's motion to dismiss counterclaims on the part of unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar, who charged the Mac maker with violating antitrust laws through its vigorous attempts to block third parties from selling rival Mac OS X-based computers.


Apple, Psystar ask court to set trial date for next November

11/03/2008, 02:11 pm

A proposal that would have had Apple and unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar potentiall settle their legal dispute may not result in an out-of-court deal, with the two firms more recently asking a judge to approve a lengthy discovery and court schedule that would end in a trial next fall.


MacBook Airs ship; Psystar plans Mac notebook, Blu-ray desktop

10/29/2008, 09:10 am

Apple is making good on a promise to have its new MacBook Airs in the hands of customers early next week. Meanwhile, unofficial Mac clone maker Psystar has announced a Blu-ray-enabled Mac desktop and says its also working on a Mac notebook.


Apple, Psystar strike deal to avoid trial in Open Computer tussle

10/17/2008, 09:10 pm

Both seeking to avoid the hassles of a full-fledged trial, Apple and unofficial Mac producer Psystar have entered the Alternative Dispute Resolution process to keep their costs to a minimum and the results of their conflict out of the public eye.


Psystar accuses Apple of anti-competitive tactics in countersuit

08/26/2008, 06:08 pm

Itself attacked for allegedly violating Apple's licenses, Psystar made offense its best defense on Tuesday when it filed a countering lawsuit in federal court, accusing the Mac maker of unfairly squeezing out possible rivals.


Psystar hires attorneys who've faced Apple before

07/31/2008, 02:07 pm

A pair of attorneys representing Psystar in its legal bout with Apple are already familiar with the Mac maker, with whom they've clashed before and came out on top.


Second firm tests Apple's legal resolve with Mac OS X-ready PCs

07/22/2008, 07:07 pm

Ignoring action just taken against Psystar, a new company known as Open Tech says it's making Mac OS X-compatible PCs, and believes it has found a loophole that prevents legal action from Apple.


Apple finally sues unauthorized clone maker Psystar

07/15/2008, 11:07 am

Apple Inc. is fed up with a small Florida-based firm that has been selling its own brand of computers running hacked versions of the Mac OS X operating system and has finally slapped the company with a lawsuit.


Psystar taunts Apple with Xserve clone

06/19/2008, 05:06 pm

Aggressively staking its claim as the lone company outside of Apple selling Mac OS X systems, Psystar on Thursday has unveiled a pair of Xserve-like rackmount computers unofficially based on Apple's Mac OS X Leopard Server.


More unofficial Mac clones up for sale on eBay

05/06/2008, 12:05 pm

A recent move by a little-known Florida-based solutions provider to openly challenge Apple on its Mac OS X licensing terms and begin selling an unauthorized Mac clone appears to have spawned a copycat.


Report waves caution at shadiness of would-be Mac clone maker [u x2]

04/16/2008, 01:04 pm

A brief investigation into Psystar Corporation reveals the self-proclaimed Mac cloner maker to have no operating history prior to this week, and further suggests the company may be little more than one-man basement operation.


Mac clone maker vows to test Apple on OS X licensing terms

04/15/2008, 01:04 pm

Psystar Corporation, which this week began selling a series of Mac clone systems without Apple's blessing, is determined to challenge the Mac maker in court over the licensing terms for its Mac OS X operating system.


Reseller's website hammered after pledge of $400 Mac clone

04/14/2008, 03:04 pm

The website of a Miami-based networking and security solutions reseller became inaccessible Monday, shortly after the company began advertising an unauthorized Mac clone for a fraction of the cost of Apple's cheapest system.