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Topic: Quark

How Adobe InDesign took over publishing with Steve Jobs' help

08/31/2019, 12:08 pm

Adobe's page layout software InDesign dominates publishing, but it got there despite starting off on August 31, 1999 against a once equally dominant rival -- and we got Adobe to talk about the past and present of the long-time design application.


How to pick between InDesign, QuarkXPress and other publishing apps

07/18/2019, 06:07 pm

Whether you've got to make a simple one-page poster or lay out a complex book, there are apps that are perfect for the job. If you're in the starting phases of figuring out which heavy-hitting desktop publishing application you want, we can help you out.


How to use your Mac to become a paperback writer: Part 2

06/23/2019, 12:06 pm

When you've written your manuscript, you can use other design apps and online services to make a paperback that is indistinguishable from a book from a regular mainstream publisher.


Cyber Monday 2018: Here are the best software deals for Mac and iOS users

11/21/2018, 09:11 am

People typically think of physical goods when it comes to Black Friday, but it can also be a good time to grab Mac software on the cheap if you know where to look.


QuarkXPress 2017 expands layout tech, brings non-destructive image editing

05/24/2017, 11:05 am

Quark on Wednesday launched QuarkXPress 2017, the latest edition of its design and publishing suite for the Mac, with a heavy focus on publishing for multiple platforms including iOS.


iPod shuffle 4GB may be enroute; QuarkXPress 8; more

07/31/2008, 06:07 pm

Apple could boost its least expensive iPod this fall with a redesign and 4GB of storage, according to one report. Also, Quark has shipped a major overhaul of its long-running publishing software, the iFund is now backing a game developer, and Apple is now offering daily statistics to iPhone software developers for their App Store sales.


QuarkXPress 8 to target Adobe's Creative Suite this August

05/13/2008, 12:05 am

Quark, Inc. is preparing to release a major new version of its flagship QuarkXPress software this fall, aimed at cementing its lead in the market for professional desktop publishing against Adobe's rival InDesign product, AppleInsider has learned.


Quark delays native Intel Mac support

05/23/2006, 09:05 am

First on AI: Macintosh users eager to run an official release of QuarkXPress 7 natively on their new Intel Macs will be disappointed to learn that Quark has rolled back the Universal Binary release of the software by several months.


Quark CEO suddenly departs, replacement search underway

06/09/2005, 11:06 am

Quark chief executive Kamar Aulakh, who was credited with transforming the privately-held firm's strategic direction, has abruptly left the company.


Tidbits: QuarkXpress 6.5, photo iPod, headless Mac, wireless video

10/13/2004, 12:10 pm

QuarkXpress 6.5 in October


Quark to target InDesign with QuarkXPress 6.5, 7.0

08/04/2004, 10:08 pm

With Adobe hot on its heels, Quark is pouring additional resources into the development of QuarkXPress and will soon begin firing off updates to the world's leading page layout software at a more rapid pace, AppleInsider has learned.