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Topic: Swatch

Apple loses bid to deny Swatch Australian 'one more thing' trademark

04/22/2019, 08:04 am

Apple has been handed a defeat in court by watch producer Swatch in court for a second time in a month, as the iPhone producer failed to convince the Australian Trade Marks Office that Swatch should be denied a trademark for "One More Thing," a phrase synonymous with Apple events and Steve Jobs.


Apple's 'Think Different' court clash ends in Swatch's favor

04/02/2019, 07:04 am

Apple has been handed a defeat in Switzerland's court system, and Swatch will not be penalized for similarities between a "Tick different" smartwatch ad, and Apple's classic "Think Different" slogan.


Apple sues Swatch over 'Tick different' trademark

04/11/2017, 04:04 am

Swiss watch conglomerate Swatch is again under fire for allegedly capitalizing on successful Apple marketing. The watchmaker is being taken to court for emblazoning "Tick different" on certain watch models, a phrase Apple claims is a play on its 1990s "Think Different" ad campaign.


Swatch to take on Apple Watch & Android Wear with custom OS

03/16/2017, 04:03 pm

The Swatch Group will be paving its own road into the smartwatch space with a custom operating system, the company's CEO said on Thursday, with the OS going up against mature software from incumbents Apple Watch and Google's Android Wear platform.


Swatch successfully opposes Apple's 'iWatch' trademark in UK

09/14/2016, 04:09 pm

Siding with Swiss watchmaker Swatch, the UK's Intellectual Property Office has rejected Apple's attempt to trademark the term "iWatch" in the country -- long after the electronics giant decided to go with "Apple Watch" instead.


Swatch beats Apple to China mobile payments market with Bellamy watch

10/14/2015, 01:10 am

Swatch, the world's largest watchmaker by revenue, on Wednesday announced immediate Chinese availability of Bellamy, an NFC-toting watch capable of conducting mobile transactions processed by credit card operator UnionPay and the state-owned Bank of Communications Co.


Swatch insists 'one more thing' trademark connected to Columbo, not Apple

08/26/2015, 10:08 am

Swatch's Swiss trademark on the term "one more thing" is really a reference to a line from the TV show Columbo, according to a spokesperson for the watchmaker.


Swatch CEO calls Apple Watch an 'interesting toy,' voices privacy concerns

08/24/2015, 09:08 am

Nick Hayek, chief executive of Swiss watch behemoth Swatch, called the Apple Watch an 'interesting toy' and expressed concern over the privacy of health and fitness data collected by modern smartwatches as his company gears up to launch its own wearable later this year.


Swatch looks to trademark 'one more thing' phrase made famous by Steve Jobs

08/20/2015, 02:08 pm

Swiss watch brand Swatch has acquired a trademark on the phrase "one more thing," an expression often used during Apple press events by the company's late cofounder Steve Jobs.


Swatch signs deals for NFC payments in face of looming smartwatch threat

03/12/2015, 02:03 pm

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has forged deals with banking firms to add NFC-based payments to its upcoming products, something that may be necessary to mitigate the threat of devices like the Apple Watch.