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Topic: Vista

Microsoft plans anti-Apple marketing blitz for Vista

07/08/2008, 05:07 pm

Having lost its patience with Apple's "Get a Mac" advertising campaign attacking Windows Vista's public perception, Microsoft will spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to prop up the standing of its operating system.


Ballmer: you can buy Vista and downgrade to XP for free

06/04/2008, 08:06 pm

While Apple is encouraging its install base to upgrade to the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system, a new sales pitch by its Redmond-based rival to the north recommends that customers unhappy with Vista take a step in the opposite direction 'for free.'


Apple's Mac OS X 10.6 code named "Snow Leopard" - report

06/04/2008, 02:06 pm

Apple is indeed well into the development of Mac OS X 10.6, which the company has internally code-named "Snow Leopard," according to ArsTechnica.


Briefly: Mac OS X 10.5.3; AT&T iPhone hotspot access; Vista sales

05/08/2008, 12:05 pm

Apple on Wednesday broadened the testing focus for developers evaluating the next update to Leopard. Meanwhile, AT&T has officially announced free WiFi Hotspot access for iPhone plan holders; iPhone Software v2.0 will deliver limited YouTube support within Safari; and Vista has passed the 140 million sales mark.


Microsoft: Vista successor may not arrive until 2011

01/28/2008, 08:01 pm

However well customers are taking to Windows Vista, its replacement is only in the earliest stages of development, according to a statement from Microsoft.


Vista's 100m sales mark said to hide disappointing results

01/08/2008, 07:01 pm

Although Microsoft's opening keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show outed record-setting Windows Vista sales figures, supplemental information suggests the software's debut may have been underwhelming in a larger context.


Briefly: Apple games, Ballmer on Vista sales (and Apple), patents

02/15/2007, 08:02 pm

Apple has taken its search for gaming-related talent a step further by seeking interns to fill programming roles. Meanwhile, everyone's favorite Microsoft CEO was caught yapping about Apple and the Mac while attempting to reset Vista sales expectations. And Apple has tightened its grip on interface patents that cover both the iPod and iPhone.