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Topic: Xserve

Editorial: Does Apple have the mettle to fight for Mac success in the Pro market?

10/17/2019, 08:10 am

Over the last two decades, Apple has largely pursued a strategy centered on "affordable luxury" personal devices, starting with iPod, blooming into iPhone and iPad, and now taking over in wearables. Mac Pro seems to be a wild departure.


Apple's 2010 15- & 17-inch MacBook Pros, 2009 Xserve become 'vintage'

03/09/2016, 11:03 am

Apple this week declared a trio of older products vintage and obsolete, adding a pair of 2010 MacBook Pros and the 2009 Xserve to a list of discontinued hardware service.


Xserve users report performance issues after Apple's Mac OS X 10.6.8 update

06/28/2011, 08:06 am

Though Mac OS X 10.6.8 brought a number of fixes and enhancements to Snow Leopard, owners of Apple's now-discontinued Xserve hardware have reported performance issues from the software update.


Apple indicates final Xserve orders won't ship for two more months

01/27/2011, 08:01 am

With just days to go before Apple officially pulls the plug on its Xserve line of rack-mount servers, the company has indicated that all orders for the systems taken today and through Monday won't ship for at least another two months.


Apple rumored to update Final Cut applications in March or April

01/03/2011, 09:01 am

Updated versions of Apple's Final Cut editing software are rumored to debut in the next few months in the form of an update said to be "substantial," but potentially lacking for "Pro" users.


Solid-state drives no longer offered with with Apple's Xserve

12/13/2010, 03:12 pm

As Apple prepares to discontinue its Xserve rackmounted servers at the end of January, the company has quietly pulled the option to add a solid-state drive for custom build-to-order purchases.


Enterprise buyers frustrated by Apple axing Xserve, but sticking with Mac

12/07/2010, 09:12 am

More than a month after Apple announced it would discontinue its Xserve rackmounted servers, the company's decision continues to irk enterprise customers, though most said they will stick with the Mac.


Why Apple axed Xserve, and how it can reenter the server market

11/09/2010, 06:11 pm

Many of Apple's customers in enterprise environments are shocked by the company's decision to discontinue the Xserve. There's an easy answer why it happened: they weren't selling well. Here's why, and how the company may address the server market in the future, using lessons learned from iOS.


Alleged Steve Jobs e-mail says 'hardly anyone' was buying Apple's Xserves

11/08/2010, 10:11 am

When pressed by a user on Apple's recent decision to cancel its Xserve line of rackmounted servers, Chief Executive Steve Jobs allegedly revealed that "hardly anyone" was buying the hardware.


Apple to discontinue Xserve after Jan. 31, 2011

11/05/2010, 07:11 am

Apple this week announced the discontinuation of Xserve, revealing it will support but no longer offer its rackmounted servers after Jan. 31, 2011.


Apple adds 3.33GHz quad-core Mac Pro, 2TB hard drive upgrades

12/04/2009, 09:12 am

Apple has outfitted its Mac Pro desktop machines with a new 3.33GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon upgrade option, at a cost of $1,200, as well as 2TB hard drives for the Mac Pro and Xserve


Apple introduces Nehalem-based Xeon Xserves

04/07/2009, 08:04 am

As expected, Apple on Tuesday announced an updated family of Xserves that deliver an 89 percent improvement in performance per watt and up to twice the overall performance of the previous models by tapping Intel's "Nehalem" Xeon processors and a next generation system architecture.


Apple blunder confirms imminent Nehalem Xserve launch

04/02/2009, 10:04 pm

In what appears to be a slip-up on one of its international online stores, Apple has inadvertently revealed that it plans to announce shortly new Xserves featuring Intel Corp.'s Nehalem-based Xeon processors.


More Apple Snow Leopard, Final Cut, Xserve rumors hit the web

04/01/2009, 06:04 pm

A well-read overseas Mac blog is using April Fools Day to drop a payload of unconfirmed rumors on the Apple community regarding release dates for Snow Leopard, Final Cut Studio 3, new Xserves, and even a future generation of Mac notebooks.


More proof of Nehalem Xserves; may ship with OS X 10.5.7

03/31/2009, 06:03 pm

Following up on our report this morning regarding the impending release of Nehalem-based Xserves, a reader has turned up hard evidence of the new rack-mount systems in pre-release builds of Mac OS X 10.5.7.


Apple almost ready with Nehalem-based Xserves

03/31/2009, 09:03 am

Apple in the coming weeks is expected to introduce a new line of its 1U rack-mount server computers that have been updated to take advantage of Intel's new Nehalem architecture.


Apple to drop support for certain G4 Macs, Xserves

02/05/2009, 04:02 pm

Apple next month will discontinue repair support for a number of aging Macs powered by PowerPC G4 processors as well as a handful of Xserve products.


Mac small business share nearly triples over the summer

11/25/2008, 06:11 pm

Even as many home buyers recently suddenly became shy about buying Apple computers in mid-year, small businesses just as quickly took to Macs -- to the point where Apple's market share in that field grew three times larger almost overnight.


Reseller sells early MacBook Air prototype on eBay

11/18/2008, 06:11 pm

A California computer repair shop is likely to receive a call from Apple asking it to explain where it obtained an internal MacBook Air prototype that it later turned around and sold on eBay for $730.


Virginia Tech's Mac Pro supercomputer to crack 29 teraflops

07/24/2008, 07:07 pm

A switch to newer Intel-based Apple Mac Pro workstations for an upcoming rekindling of Virginia Tech's supercomputer efforts will more than double the performance to as much as 29 teraflops and will once again put a Mac cluster in the limelight -- this time, placing it among the top 100 supercomputers in the world.