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Topic: Inside MobileMe

AOL releases public beta of iChat-like Instant Messenger client

09/30/2008, 12:09 pm

On the heels of a successful launch of its AIM client for the iPhone, AOL on Tuesday announced a public beta of its next-generation AIM client for the Mac -- its first major update to the software in over four years.


Inside MobileMe: Web 3 and Web client-server apps

08/15/2008, 09:08 am

MobileMe isn't just for iPhone users. It also expands upon the simple web apps delivered as part of .Mac using a cohesive Mac OS X inspired interface that behaves more like a desktop app than a web page, providing easy access to data from anywhere you have Internet access. Here's a look at how web apps have developed, how Apple's new online apps work, and the future potential of MobileMe's tightly integrated mobile, web, and desktop apps.


Inside MobileMe: iPhone's Exchange alternative for contacts and calendar

08/13/2008, 09:08 am

MobileMe's Exchange Server-style push updates for contacts and calendar events on the iPhone is entirely new from the previous .Mac. Here's how MobileMe relates to Exchange, how contacts and calendars work, and what's still missing in Apple's service related to calendar and contact management.


Inside MobileMe: iPhone Mail

08/12/2008, 08:08 am

MobileMe upgrades .Mac email on the iPhone to use rapid push updating. Here's how it works, and what's new and different in MobileMe mobile mail, how to configure junk mail and security, and what's still missing.


Inside MobileMe: Apple's Push vs Exchange, BlackBerry, Google

08/11/2008, 11:08 am

Apple's MobileMe provides mobile device push and an innovative Wide-Area Bonjour push sync mechanism for securely updating desktop clients over the Internet. There's currently nothing identical to the service on other platforms, but there is some feature overlap with Microsoft's Exchange Server in corporate settings, RIM's BlackBerry mobile push messaging, and web-based service offerings from Google and others. Here's a look at how MobileMe compares in price and features.


Inside MobileMe: Mac and PC cloud sync and mobile push

08/09/2008, 04:08 pm

MobileMe is advertised as push messaging service, so some users were disappointed to find that some desktop updates may take as long as fifteen minutes to find their way up to the cloud. However, the service does also support push IMAP email as well as full desktop push updates from the cloud, at least on Mac OS X. Here's how Apple's service works with the client software on desktop Macs and PCs and on the iPhone.


Inside MobileMe: Secrets of the Cloud and Mobile Push

08/08/2008, 09:08 am

While Apple's previous .Mac service left many unclear as to what it offered beyond email and web hosting, its value under the new identity of MobileMe is far easier to communicate. MobileMe is all about push messaging, delivering immediate updates to mobile iPhone users over the air for their mailbox, calendars, and contacts as well as web bookmarks. This segment in the Inside MobileMe series looks at how the various components of the MobileMe service work together.