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Topic: Shareholder 2013

First look: Apple's new Campus 2 construction site

03/02/2013, 09:03 pm

Apple is gearing up to begin construction on its largest project ever later this year: Apple Campus 2. Here's a detailed look at the Cupertino, California site where the company plans to build its iconic new "spaceship" headquarters.


Apple's Cook: We'll move into new 'spaceship' campus site by 2016

02/27/2013, 01:02 pm

Responding to questions at the company's annual shareholder meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple employees will likely be moving in to the company's new "spaceship" campus building in 2016.


CEO admits Apple is 'looking at new categories' for potential products

02/27/2013, 01:02 pm

While some investors are worried about recent stock losses, Apple remains focused on the long term, and is exploring new potential product categories, CEO Tim Cook revealed on Wednesday.


Apple CEO Tim Cook on Android growth: 'Success is not making the most'

02/27/2013, 01:02 pm

Apple could easily make the most products in a category, but that wouldn't be good for the company, Chief Executive Tim Cook told shareholders on Wednesday.


Apple shareholders reelect board, reject outside proposals on stock retention & human rights committee

02/27/2013, 12:02 pm

The voting portion of Apple's shareholder meeting went as expected on Wednesday, with investors opting to reelect the company's board of directors, while also rejecting outside proposals related to executive stock retention and the forming of a human rights committee.