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Topic: apple patents

Apple's AR headset may recharge wirelessly & use ultrasonic position location

03/12/2020, 10:03 am

Apple's long-rumored AR headset may include wireless charging points in the headband, locate its position in a space with ultrasonic imaging, and include an adjustable support structure to make it fit all users equally well, regardless of the size of their facial features compared to other people.


Apple's AR headset or smart glasses may unlock your iPhone automatically

02/27/2020, 07:02 am

Apple wants it to be easier for users to unlock multiple devices in quick succession, with the authentication of a head-mounted AR or VR headset or smart glasses potentially allowing other nearby items to automatically authenticate the user.


Apple Pencil could gain haptic system that could monitor a user's grip

02/18/2020, 10:02 am

A future version of the Apple Pencil could include a system that can provide vibrations to the user's fingertips while grasping the stylus, and may also be able to detect how the user is gripping the device.


Adjustable smart fabric with built-in buttons could make Apple Watch accessories smarter

02/18/2020, 07:02 am

Apple is working on new ways to use fabrics as part of the design of its devices and accessories, including a system for adjusting how tight a piece of fabric is at specific locations, and creating fabric domes that could be used as a switch.


Apple's 'CarKey' API could control your HomeKit smart lock in future

02/13/2020, 11:02 am

The sudden appearance of the 'CarKey API' may only be the beginning, as Apple is seemingly exploring how it can expand on its cryptographic-based device authentication to bring digital keys into other areas.


Apple Watch of the future could have a modular back for upgrades & new sensors

02/13/2020, 09:02 am

Future versions of the Apple Watch could be upgradable, with the addition of a modular section to the back that adds new sensors and functionality to the wearable device, or to enhance the existing functions like battery life.


Apple exploring HomeKit smart home update with device tracking, simple setup

02/13/2020, 07:02 am

Apple wants to expand the abilities of HomeKit by making it possible for devices to communicate with wall outlets, units which could potentially track the location of other HomeKit hardware, as well as potentially simplify the configuration of new HomeKit devices with others.


Apple Car could make road hazards brighter and easier to see for drivers

02/11/2020, 11:02 am

Apple's long-rumored car could have a headlight system that provides drivers with more awareness of the road, by highlighting areas of interest ahead of the vehicle by making the light shining from the headlights brighter specifically in those regions.


Apple's rumored high-end headphones could use touch gesture controls

02/04/2020, 04:02 pm

Apple's long-rumored over-ear headphones could include a unique control scheme, one consisting of touch gestures that function regardless of how the headphones are oriented on the user's head, rather than dedicated function buttons.


Apple working on folding iPhone display with more robust bend radius

02/04/2020, 07:02 am

Apple is continuing to look into the possibility of creating a foldable iPhone, one equipped with a hinge that allows a flexible display to be bent enough for the smartphone to fold, but preventing the display from developing a crease.


Apple Pencil haptics could give feedback to users without shaking the stylus

01/30/2020, 09:01 am

A future Apple Pencil could give more information to the user wielding it using haptic feedback, with Apple examining ways to create a shear force to physically inform users of touch events, via a small sensation at the fingertips.


Apple glasses could have hidden cameras and removable earphones

12/19/2019, 09:12 am

Apple's long-rumored AR or VR headset could keep some of its optical components behind an electrically-controlled layer to hide them from view when not required, as well as earphones that could be removed from the head-mounted display and used as speakers.


Future Apple Watch could have joystick-like Digital Crown

12/17/2019, 09:12 am

The Apple Watch Digital Crown might be more flexible in the future, as Apple has come up with a way to turn the smartwatch button into a simple joystick by moving the rotational crown element laterally.


Apple is working on holographic imaging to lighten its AR or VR smart glasses

12/12/2019, 09:12 am

Apple is advancing its work on optical waveguides and holographic image delivery, in part to lighten and shrink its future AR or VR headset.


Apple Car passengers could use AR and VR headsets without feeling sick

12/10/2019, 10:12 am

Passengers of the Apple Car may be able to use AR or VR without worrying about a car's movements causing nausea, while infrared sensors inside the vehicle may be hidden from view by light-reflective panels.


Future Apple Pencil could change shape for the user's comfort

12/10/2019, 08:12 am

A future version of the Apple Pencil could be customized for comfort, with sections of the stylus expanding or changing shape to suit the user's drawing or writing style for their particular hand.


Future AirPods could use air pressure to detect when they're in an ear

11/26/2019, 02:11 pm

A future version of AirPods could perform its ear detection using pressure built up within the ear canal, allowing it to be more selective on when it turns on and off and reducing the chance of accidental activation when placed on a table or another surface.


Apple working on privacy-based lighting system, unique headlights for car

11/26/2019, 11:11 am

A future car designed by Apple could offer increased privacy via the use of 'synchronized windows,' as well as side mirrors capable of automatically adjusting their positions based on the driver's head movements.


iPhone 11 Ultra Wideband could be at core of Apple Car keyless entry

11/26/2019, 10:11 am

Apple is considering the possibility of using an iPhone or Apple Watch to provide keyless entry for its long-rumored Apple Car, with the use of Ultra Wideband to help make the system more precise at determining the range of the user from the car than current keyfob-based systems.


Future Apple Watch could monitor muscle movements using EMG sensors

11/19/2019, 10:11 am

Apple is continuing to look into how to improve its wearable devices, including using precise location and orientation data to adjust how audio is delivered, and to better utilize biometric sensors within the Watch, AirPods or similar devices by using EMG sensors to measure muscle movements.