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Apple tweaks iOS developer portal with unified view for certificates, identifiers & devices

Apple this week revised its official developer website with a new, easier-to-manage unified view for managing certificates, identifiers, devices, and provisioning profiles.


Developers were notified of the changes in an email sent out by Apple, and the details were shared with AppleInsider by Gregg Mojica. The full note sent by Apple reads as follows:

Now it's even easier to manage your development assets. The new Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section in Member Center provides a unified view and intuitive interface to help you manage all your certificates, identifiers, devices, and provisioning profiles. This new section replaces the iOS Provisioning Portal and the Developer Certificate Utility.

To learn more about testing and distributing apps, read the new App Distribution Guide.

Developers can find the new section of the site by clicking the "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" link in the upper right navigation menu when visiting the "iOS Dev Center" website. From there, they can quickly access certificates, identifiers, devices and provisioning profiles for both iOS applications and Mac apps, as well as certificates for Safari Extensions.