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Apple's new promotional AppStore.com links debut during Super Bowl

Apple didn't have a commercial during this year's Super Bowl, but the company's new AppStore.com short link did debut in one advertisement.

App Store

Apple recently launched new short links for App Store content using the website AppStore.com. The feature was announced last week to developers, with examples including specific application or company names to search for App Store content.

On Sunday, a Super Bowl advertisement for the upcoming film "Star Trek Into Darkness" was spotted by CNet to include the url AppStore.com/StarTrekApp as a link to the official Star Trek App promoting the new movie. The new URL offers developers an easier way to allow customers to find their application, rather than asking them to search for content on the App Store.

Developers can even give customers specific links to the Mac App Store by using the URL AppStore.com/Mac/ and then including the application name or company name.

The "App Store Short Link" cannot use spaces, punctuation, ampersands, or other symbols. All URLs are accessible worldwide and direct the customer to their respective country's App Store.

Previously, Apple offered short links using the itunes.com RUL. The newly launched AppStore.com Short Links replace itunes.com. Developers have been informed that itunes.com links will continue to work, but they should be updated as soon as possible.

The "App Store" trademark and AppStore.com domain name was given to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2008 by Salesforce Chief Executive Mark Benioff. The rights were given as a token of appreciation, as Benioff wished to thank Jobs for his personal insight and support over the years.