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Razer unveils slide-out iPhone gamepad as Apple plans iOS 8 controller forwarding support for iPad, Mac

Accessory maker Razer is the latest to release an Apple-sanctioned Made for iPhone controller, but its new accessory boasts a unique and thin slide-out design. And gamepads like Razer's new Junglecat will become even more powerful with iOS 8, gaining the ability to remotely control titles on iPad and Mac.

The Razer Junglecat is outfitted with a D-pad, face buttons of "A," "B," "X," and "Y," plus "L" and "R" bumper buttons. The physical controls are part of a slide-out pad that connects to the top half of the controller encasing an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s.

Razer boasts that the new controller offers open access to all of the iPhone's ports and buttons. It connects to the iPhone via Lightning, and is designed to be as pocketable as possible for gaming on the go.

The Razer Junglecat is available for preorder now, and like prior Made for iPhone gaming controllers, it is priced at $99.99. It will join the three other Apple-approved gaming controllers on the market: the Moga Ace Power and Logitech PowerShell case-style accessories, and the completely wireless, compact SteelSeries Stratus.

Announcement of Razer's offering comes as Apple revealed to developers this week that iOS 8 will include a new "controller forwarding" feature. This will allow iPhone-only controllers, such as the Junglecat, Ace Power and PowerShell, to wirelessly connect to an iPhone or Mac.

With official Made for iPhone controllers carrying a hefty $100 price tag, this new feature would add value to the accessories, making them compatible with a wider array of devices.

Apple also announced that iOS 8 will give developers the ability to utilize the iPhone's touch screen and motion control input as a controller for titles running separately on an iPhone or Mac. Those features could also pave the way for console-style gaming on an Apple TV, if Apple's set-top box were to be updated with support for native apps.