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(PRODUCT)RED is getting our hopes up for a red iPhone 15

(PRODUCT)RED has teased what might be a mid-cycle update to the iPhone 15

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A photo from (PRODUCT)RED on social media is teasing us all about a vibrant red iPhone 15, but there is no detail beyond a cryptic reference to donuts.

The (PRODUCT)RED posting on Twitter shows the red iPhone, being held over a selection of donuts. It's certainly not an iPhone 15 Pro, or any Pro model. It is definitely not an iPhone 15 Plus, but beyond what can be visually determined, there is no information.

It could, of course, be the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 14. That would be mean, though.

"Have an Apple before your donut," is the only line in the Twitter post.

While it is now around eight months since the release of the iPhone 15 range, it's possible that this is the first word of a mid-cycle replacement albeit an unusual tease from the source. For the past few years, Apple has released a differently-colored version of its latest iPhone around six months after the initial launch.

In every case, the model released is precisely the same in features and pricing as the original September launch. However, in every case, Apple offers a new color, and usually a particularly vibrant one, such as the yellow of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15.

The trend began with the 2021 refresh of the iPhone 12, which offered purple. In 2022, both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro got a shade of green.

Having a (PRODUCT)RED refresh of its iPhone 15 would fit the pattern, especially since there was no red color at the original September 2023 launch of the range.

Apple has been working with the (RED) charity since 2006, when it launched a (PRODUCT)RED iPod nano. A portion of the sales from that device and every one of the very many subsequent (PRODUCT)RED Apple products has been donated to support the Global Fund's fight to end AIDS.