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Review: Peak Design's Travel Tripod is unmatched in quality for traditional & mobile photogsrating

04/07/2020, 03:29:PM

The attention to detail, thoughtful features, and consideration of mobile photogs needs made clear in the Peak Design Travel Tripod make it essential for any photographer, regardless of skillset or camera choice.


Review: Invisible Shield Glass Elite Edge screen protector is nearly invisiblerating

04/05/2020, 05:19:PM

Invisible Shield has a wide variety of screen protectors; anti-glare, blue light blocking, and privacy to name a few. Now, it added the new Glass Elite Edge to its offerings.


Review: Hogtalare Hi-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offers incredible performance but comes at a costrating

04/05/2020, 11:00:AM

Morel has crafted a high-quality Bluetooth bookshelf speaker that comes as the total package -- minus the Wi-Fi, but does the performance justify the price?


Review: Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock is a useful multi-device desktop chargerrating

04/04/2020, 03:52:PM

Logitech has expanded its Powered lineup with the new 3-in-1 dock as well as a standalone pad. Whether you need to just charge your iPhone or your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, Logitech has you covered.


Review: Yobi B3 HomeKit Doorbell is easy to install and userating

04/04/2020, 08:24:AM

The Yobi B3 HomeKit Doorbell camera was announced at CES 2019, and after a long road through development, has escaped the fate of most products shown at CES. It's now available for pre-order, and we have some hands-on experience to share.


Review: 2020 MacBook Air is once again the computer for the rest of usrating

03/31/2020, 11:52:AM

After incremental updates in 2018 and 2019, the MacBook Air returned to prominence in 2020 with upgraded internals, a new keyboard, and a price drop to boot.


Review: Brydge Pro+ keyboard & trackpad both helped & hindered by iPadOSrating

03/29/2020, 08:47:AM

The Brydge Pro+ is an all-aluminum keyboard and trackpad designed specifically for the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pros. While the hardware is in the right place, the changes in iPadOS 13.4 have left us wanting a bit more for this otherwise excellent accessory.


Review: 2020 iPad Pro is more about future software than the hardware gains todayrating

03/27/2020, 10:32:AM

The new 2020 iPad Pro is slightly more powerful than ever, and that minor spec upgrade that it got this time around, it is now more about what can happen with software down the road than hardware improvements today.


Review: Louis Vuitton Horizon earbuds are the luxury headphones you can't affordrating

03/26/2020, 10:30:AM

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton has partnered with premium audio company Master & Dynamic for the second time in creating the epic Horizon true wireless earbuds. While the high price tag keeps them out of reach for the masses, they are no doubt a stunning piece of tech.


Review: Zendure SuperHub combines a USB-C hub & a multi-charger into one for iPad or Macrating

03/09/2020, 03:22:PM

SuperHub is the latest product from Zendure which is a small credit card-sized adapter that not only can act as a multi-device charger, but a USB-C hub for your Mac, iPad, or other USB-C device. We got an early look to check it out.


Review: Anker's Nebula Mars II is a solid AirPlay projectorrating

02/27/2020, 02:39:PM

The Anker Nebula Mars II speaker is a compact portable project that allows you to turn any wall into the big screen. Watch movies, play games, catch up on sports, and binge peak TV anywhere you have an open space, either wired or wire-free.


Review: Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera pairs HomeKit Secure Video with AI facial recognitionrating

02/26/2020, 03:30:PM

The Netatmo Indoor Camera isn't a new product, but what is new is a fresh firmware update that builds on its initial HomeKit support by adding HomeKit Secure Video support. We upgraded our cam to the latest firmware to test out the camera with all of its promised features.


Review: Mophie's new powerstation line caters to Apple-users with Lightning input and outputrating

02/25/2020, 03:09:PM

Mophie's updated line of portable batteries are well-suited for any Apple user with unique features that are sure to put them atop any iPhone lover's list.


Review: Twelve South Curve SE is a minimalist Mac standrating

02/21/2020, 02:49:PM

Twelve South's newest pedestal for MacBook may look similar to the company's previous Curve stand. It does, however, boast a new sleek white appearance that is a rarity among MacBook stands.


Review: The WT2 Plus translation earbuds allow you to converse with almost anyone with easerating

02/20/2020, 03:12:PM

Now you can converse with nearly anyone thanks to the fast and easy translation abilities of the WT2 Plus translation wireless earbuds -- with some caveats.


Review: Insta360 GO is the AirPods-like action cam to beatrating

02/18/2020, 03:29:PM

With a tiny form factor, unique social features, and an easy-to-use design, the Insta 360 Go is the new everyday action cam to beat.


Review: Mous and the merits of a modular iPhone case systemrating

02/15/2020, 10:38:AM

For the latest crop of iPhones, case manufacturer Mous has pushed forward to its Limitless 3.0 magnetic mounting system to provide a modular and protective lineup.


Review: Woolnut leather sleeves for iPad and Mac offer attractive, minimalist protectionrating

02/12/2020, 10:04:AM

Taking all of that aluminum and glass in Apple's portables on the road can be daunting. Woolnut hopes to reduce those concerns, by covering your gear in a slim, leather sleeve.


Review: Scosche BaseLynx is a modular charging system for all your Apple devicesrating

02/11/2020, 03:48:PM

The Scosche BaseLynx charging station is a modular solution to solve the problem with charging that seems to plague everyone: supplying power to many devices while keeping everything organized.


Review: Logitech StreamCam is designed with content creators in mindrating

02/11/2020, 12:04:PM

Logitech has just taken the wraps off its new creator-focused webcam: StreamCam. A premium camera that has a great look and feel, as well as features designed for today's mobile-first streaming world and one AppleInsider got to test out.