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Review: Eve Water Guard isn't flashy but can put your mind at easerating

02/06/2020, 02:38:PM

Eve Water Guard may not be the flashiest of HomeKit accessories, but anyone who had to deal with water damage knows the advantages of owning such a device.


Review: Nomad's new Moment Rugged Case mixes durable leather with photographyrating

02/05/2020, 10:00:AM

Nomad has just launched an updated version of its popular Rugged case with an integrated Moment lens adapter which might be just right if you need more lenses for your iPhone photography.


Review: Arlo Video Doorbell excels where it needs to but lacks HomeKitrating

02/04/2020, 03:02:PM

Arlo, known for its wire-free whole-home cameras, has finally released a video version of its smart doorbell. With the smart doorbell space becoming ever-more crowded, we wanted to see how the Arlo Video Doorbell stacks up.


Review: Eve Energy continues a winning HomeKit formularating

02/04/2020, 11:06:AM

After being announced at CES 2020, the redesigned Eve Energy is now available. We've spent the last several days testing it out to see how it measures up.


Review: The BenQ ScreenBar saves space while brightening up your deskrating

02/02/2020, 04:00:PM

Whether you've got a small desk setup or you're just tired of giving up space for a desk lamp, BenQ's ScreenBar is here to save the day with its over-the-monitor light.


Review: Vocolinc Flowerbud HomeKit-enabled humidifier works better as a diffuserrating

01/31/2020, 01:36:PM

The Vocolinc Flowerbud is the only HomeKit-enabled humidifier that also can act as a smart diffuser, though it does the latter much better than the former.


Review: Doqo adds a keyboard, trackpad, battery, & USB-C hub to iPad Prorating

01/30/2020, 12:05:PM

The Doqo SmartDock is yet another iPad Pro accessory that aims to merge Apple's top-of-the-line tablet with a MacBook. It combines not only a keyboard and trackpad, but a case, battery pack, and USB-C hub into a single encompassing device.


Review: VocoLinc's Smart Power Strip is an easy but fickle way to upgrade 'dumb' devicesrating

01/29/2020, 02:07:PM

If you've got a couple devices you're looking to make smarter, the Vocolinc smart power strip features three HomeKit-enabled smart outlets, three convenient USB outlets, and boasts an attractive price point to boot.


Review: Naim Mu-So 2 is the epitome of a connected Hi-Fi speakerrating

01/27/2020, 03:03:PM

Naim went all-out in redesigning its flagship Mu-So connected Hi-Fi speaker. What was already an impressive speaker, becomes extraordinary in its second incarnation.


Review: The Wacom One tablet is a decent alternative to more expensive display tabletsrating

01/24/2020, 02:51:PM

With an HDMI-based display and a 13-inch footprint, artists and hobbyists can now experience the joy of a display-based graphics tablet without paying Cintiq-prices.


Review: Pitaka Air Quad is the only wireless charger you needrating

01/22/2020, 12:56:PM

Pitaka is taking on multi-chargers with a unique design that is capable of powering an iPhone, a set of AirPods, an Apple Watch, and an iPad all at once with a surprisingly small footprint.


Review: Samsung T7 Touch SSD builds upon the T5 in every wayrating

01/21/2020, 10:01:AM

Samsung's T-lineup portable media has been increasingly popular over the years. Most recently, the T5 has been the go-to choice for those who need reliable, compact, fast portable storage. The T7 Touch builds on that, improving in nearly every way possible.


Review: Nomad Base Station Stand elevates wireless chargingrating

01/20/2020, 12:35:PM

Nomad has made a name for itself by designing unique accessories for mobile users that strive to be above and beyond the generic. The new Base Station Stand lives up to that ideal in many ways.


Review: The Zendure Mix Go is a great multi-purpose battery & USB-C PD chargerrating

01/15/2020, 03:53:PM

The new Zendure Mix Go is a portable charger for your USB-C and USB-A devices that also houses a powerful portable battery that can be always ready to go.


Review: Zens Liberty succeeds in many of the ways AirPower failedrating

01/03/2020, 08:20:AM

The Zens Liberty is a new wireless charger that does its best to live up to Apple's AirPower hype with the ability to place devices nearly anywhere on its surface. While it succeeds in many ways, it doesn't entirely emulate Apple's ill-fated charger.


Review: Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Dock is ideal for power usersrating

01/02/2020, 11:05:AM

Satechi's USB-C Magnetic Apple Watch Dock comes at a perfect time for power users who want to charge their Apple Watch with all of their latest gear.


Review: Promise Pegasus R4i and J2i add massive storage to the new Mac Prorating

12/23/2019, 02:11:PM

The Mac Pro as it ships is limited to the Apple SSD modules purchased with the machine -- but the Promise Pegasus R4i and Pegasus J2i are two options for adding enormous quantities of storage internal to the Mac Pro.


Review: Braven's Flye Sport Rush wireless earbuds have great sound -- and a design flawrating

12/21/2019, 01:28:PM

The Flye Sport Rush wireless earbuds are sweat-proof, rain-proof, long-wearing earbuds geared toward athletes and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, but they still miss the mark with an important feature.


Review: Aqara HomeKit Starter Set is an easy way to begin your smart homerating

12/19/2019, 03:33:PM

Aqara's new HomeKit starter kit is a quick and simple way to automate lights, add a security system, and more, at an affordable price.


Review: iFrogz Impulse 2 Wireless bring all-day battery life and good sound quality to entry-level wireless headphonesrating

12/15/2019, 06:59:PM

Looking for a spare pair of headphones? Looking to get something special for a music-obsessed teen? We took a look at the iFrogz Impulse 2 wireless headphones to see just what they're bringing to the table.