JBL's Live Buds 3 range adds a color display to the charging case

By Malcolm Owen

JBL has launched a new range of wireless earbuds, with the JBL Live 3 range offering active noise cancellation and an unusual touchscreen-equipped case.

JBL Live Buds 3 [left], Live Beam 3 [center], Live Flex 3 [right]

Shown off at CES 2024, the JBL Live 3 Earbuds series consists of three models that all share the same core specifications, but differ greatly. More interestingly for the series is the Smart Charging Case.

Used to hold each of the earphones for recharging, the Smart Charging Case includes a 1.45-inch LED touch display on the top. This screen links to a smartphone to display notifications for calls, texts, and other alerts, among other elements.

The range is divided down into the Live Buds 3, Live Beam 3, and Live Flex 3.

The JBL Live Buds 3 have 10mm dynamic drivers, IP55 waterproofing, JBL Spatial Sound, adaptive noise canceling with custom controls, and high-res audio support with LDAC. A total of six microphones are included to handle ANC and for voice pickup, with the headphones also having multipoint connection support using Bluetooth 5.3 with LE Audio, albeit as a later over-the-air update.

There's a total 10 hours of playtime for each charge, rising to up to 40 when used with the Smart Charging Case. That case can be wirelessly charged, or has fast-charging via USB-C.

The JBL Live Beam follows the same pattern, except they are a "closed type stick headphone" versus the Live's "bud style" design. The specifications are the same, except it offers up to 12 hours of playtime between charges, and up to 48 hours when used with the Smart Charging Case.

JBL's Live Flex 3 is an "open type stick headphone" that differs a bit more, with it having a 12mm dynamic driver and IP54 waterproofing. They also have up to 50 hours of total playtime, with the buds lasting 10 hours between charges.

Arriving in the U.S. this summer, the JBL Live 3 range will all be priced at $199.95.