Apple TV 4K 64GB model supply tight, new orders will likely miss Christmas delivery

By Mike Wuerthele

Supplies of the 64GB Apple TV 4K have apparently dried up, with only limited stock available at retail -- and orders placed today won't ship until January 4.

It isn't clear why the unit's stock is depleted. AppleInsider spot checks across the United States show little or no stock available at Apple Retail for pickup.

At present, the online Apple Store says that the device will ship in four to five weeks. The 32GB model is unaffected, and has wide availability.

We have reached out to Apple for more details regarding the stock depletion.

Practically, the 32GB model isn't particularly crippled with Apple's intended use case. Loading videos into an third-party video playing app like VLC may be an issue, and users who want a large amount of Apple TV apps loaded will obviously run into problems quicker on the 32GB model than on the 64GB.

The Apple TV 4K was generally welcomed, with the device not auto-switching resolution in accordance with the content seen as a flaw. However, auto-switching has been restored to the device in the iOS 11.2 beta releases.

For Apple TV 4K availability across Apple authorized resellers, please visit AppleInsider's Apple TV 4K Price Guide.