3D-printed iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models show off new Capture button

By William Gallagher

The new designs for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro may have been revealed in these 3d printed dummy units.

Purported dummy units of the iPhone 16 Pro (left) and iPhone 16 (right)

Following an earlier report that the iPhone 16 Pro could see one new color, the leaker is now showing off dummy models that are said to be of this and the iPhone 16. The images show details such as the camera arrangement on the iPhone 16, and the positioning of the action button.

The claimed iPhone 16 Pro fractionally larger than the iPhone 15 Pro

One of the images that has a new dummy positioned atop an existing iPhone 15 Pro. It claims to show that the iPhone 16 Pro is slightly larger than its predecessor, and the leaker says that the screen is also fractionally bigger.

Showing the position of the new Capture Button

Another shows that the Action Button is to be included on the regular iPhone. Plus both that iPhone 16 and the Phone 16 Pro will have the rumored Capture Button.

The iPhone 16 will gain an Action Button

The leaker backs up previous reports that the iPhone 16 will move to a vertical positioning of its two lenses.

This leaker is not one of the best-known sources for Apple information. However, previously it has correctly got pre-release colors of the last iPhone.

Separately, the addition of a Capture Button has also been backed up by a purported leak of a case accessory for the iPhone 16 Pro.