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iPhone 16 Pro could see one new color, and the cancelation of another

iPhone 16 Pro could have a reduced camera bump thanks to new build techniques

A leaker in China has shared what they believe to be the color lineup for the iPhone 16 Pro, with one color leaving, and a favorite returning.

The four colors are said to be Space Black, White, Gray, and Rose. In a clarifying comment, the leaker says that the color is not the return of Rose Gold, but at a glance, it's not all that different.

The existing iPhone 15 Pro color palette is natural titanium, black, white, and blue. The leaker says on the Weibo post that the blue has been removed from the color choices for the iPhone 16 Pro.

Screenshot of a social media post discussing four iPhone 16 Pro colors titled Space Black, White, Gray, and Rose
Screencap of the social media post, machine translated outside of the color swatch

The leaker has been right about other iPhone colors prior to launch in the past, but the provenance of the image isn't clear. A ring appears behind the colors, suggesting a MagSafe ring. If legitimate, it is likely a document made by a case manufacturer, or perhaps provided to one.

It's historically too early for Apple to be providing documentation to case manufacturers, though.

Apple's iPhone 16 Pro is coming in the fall

Both iPhone 16 Pro models expected in the fall will allegedly get a bump up in size. The iPhone 16 Pro will boast a 6.27-inch display (159.31 mm). The iPhone 16 Pro Max comes in at 6.85 inches (174.06 mm).

A previous rumor said that the iPhone 16 Pro will come in two colorways: Desert Yellow and Cement Gray.

The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max could see some changes to the external case design or, more specifically, the buttons. Apple is expected to add an additional button called the Capture button.

Outside of button changes and slight size increases, the iPhone 16 lineup will likely look incredibly similar to the iPhone 15 lineup it replaces.