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Repeat rumor claims iPhone 16 models to have Action button with force sensor

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple could be planning to bring the Action button to every iPhone 16 model, make it capacitive, and include pressure sensitivity according to more rumored evidence.

The Action button on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max could move to the rest of the lineup in 2024. The button can be programmed with various actions or Shortcuts for quick, system-wide commands.

According to a report from MacRumors, evidence is mounting that Apple's "Project Atlas" will bring a capacitive, force sensitive Action button to the entire iPhone 16 lineup. Anonymous sources have provided "extensive evidence" to confirm this rumor.

Beyond suggesting that evidence is mounting about the potential of such a feature, there's nothing new to add. Anonymous sources previously shared that Apple would add a "Capture" button below the power button, move the mmWave cutout, and make the Action button capacitive.

Those sources referred to the Capture button plans as "Project Nova" and the Action button plans as "Project Atlas." Apple previously planned to make the power and volume buttons capacitive, but didn't due to technical problems, and this was called "Project Bongo."

Only one leaker has repeated this rumor so far. There has been no word from big names like Mark Gurman or Ming-Chi Kuo so far.

Rating these rumors

The Capture button and capacitive buttons are very much in question, but it seems obvious that Apple would bring the Action button to all iPhone models. Rumors about the Action button coming to the future iPhone SE arose before Apple revealed the iPhone 15 Pro, so it seems likely that Apple always intended it for more models.

Capacitive buttons have been rumored before
Capacitive buttons have been rumored before

Apple will want to have the Action button across its entire lineup for the same reason it wants Dynamic Island and USB-C everywhere — consistency. Developers building features will have an easier time if they know the feature can be used on every new device being sold.

We're not ready to bet on capacitive buttons or the Capture button. This rumor is rated "possible" because the main takeaway from Thursday's update is that the Action button is coming to all models. If we were rating the other rumors separately, we'd have them at "unlikely."

The iPhone 16 lineup will be revealed in September 2024. Rumors point to larger display sizes, tetraprism lenses for both pro models, and a new camera arrangement on non-pro models.